Value your time, forget the research

On average, it takes a traveler more than 30 hours and 38 website visits to find and book a trip. Get it right the first time; let us put in the hard work and the time required for the particulars of trip planning. Save countless hours of research by not worrying about what must be booked in advance, finding trustworthy local providers, ending up somewhere during the rainy season, and avoiding tourist traps. If you want, you don't even need to worry about picking a destination - we'll figure it out for you. We'll then handle all the complicated travel logistics.

Filtering the best from the rest

With our extensive and carefully selected database and our on-the-ground-expertise, we filter from thousands of destinations to match you with your perfect journey. We assess all possible travel alternatives to ensure the destinations, hotels, and transportation methods are best suited for you. All our accommodations, ranging from budget to world-class luxury, are vetted to provide local character, unique settings, tasteful design, and appropriate comfort. Whether you know exactly where you want to go, or whether you want help selecting destinations, we make sure to send you exactly where you’re meant to go.  

no templates, no presets

Jubel crafts personalized journeys made completely from scratch. We do not use previous templates or reuse trips. Instead, we create a unique adventure specifically for you–taking into consideration your travel style, budget, and tastes. Depending on your profile, we create a balance of lesser-known gems and must-see renowned sights. We give you the freedom to set your own pace and you are not constrained by a daily itinerary. We do not like handholding. Instead we provide timely suggestions on how to best take advantage of the places you find yourself in.  We pride ourselves in our flexibility, and can accommodate to any changes that may arise during the planning or even the traveling stage.  


Your travels will be stress-free (as they are meant to be) because we are here to ensure it all goes smoothly; supplying you with all necessary travel tips, logistical expertise, insider deals and vital information relevant to your Journey. Our experience in the industry gives us access to discounts as well as partnerships that offer perks and upgrades, and therefore we will ensure that you get the absolute best value for your money. Once you are set up, we will give you a list of handpicked recommendations, including restaurants, sights, nightlife and day trips - but never overwhelming you with too many options. Make time for what you are most interested in, this is your adventure after all.

Your safety net

Our expert travel team is available 24/7 to be your safety net in case of any unexpected events, like a cancelled flight or a natural disaster. We are here to help with anything you may need and we will work to make any changes at no extra charge whenever possible. We’ll also share common best practices and precautions so that you can safely enjoy your adventure and avoid any pitfalls.