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We make planning a multi-destination trip easy by customizing it to your style, preferences, and budget

Personalized Routes

No templates, no presets. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, a database of over 1,000 destinations worldwide, and our on-the-ground-expertise; we match you with your perfect destinations by filtering through all possible options. We ensure the chosen destinations, hotels, and transportation methods are best suited for you, and are fully customized to your preferences. Even if you think you know your best destinations, have you really explored every option available? Our technology and years of experience allow us to match you, with remarkable accuracy, with the destinations that are actually best for you, out of the thousands available.

Curated Destinations

We filter the best from the rest. No matter whether you are getting off the beaten path or visiting time-tried classics, staying in a hostel or a world-class hotel, taking a simple city tour or jumping out of a plane at 12,000 ft; we ensure that everything you experience is vetted for excellence in order to create a unique trip and life-long memories. Our extensive network and experience in the travel industry will give you access to insider knowledge on cutting-edge suppliers, accommodations, and destinations which are the secret ingredients to Jubel’s remarkable vacations.

Best Value

Save over 55% of your trip’s cost. With access to exclusive insider prices, you can rest easy knowing you’re always getting the best deals. With over 18+ years in the industry, we also save you considerable frustration and money when planning by taking into account cost-effective travel logistics and favorable exchange rates, while adding in our time-saving service and guaranteeing destinations we know you will love. The result is amazing trips that give you the best bang-for-your buck.

Save Time

Avoid the headache. On average, it would take you more than 23 hours and 140 website visits to research and book a week-long, multi-destination trip — without even knowing for sure that it will be perfect. Get it right the first time. No matter your group size or the complexity of your trip, we’ll save you countless hours of research, and ensure a seamless experience from start to end.


Travel stress-free, the way it’s meant to be. Immerse yourself in your travel experience with useful tips and info, along with our list of handpicked local recommendations on what to see, do, eat, and drink. Travel freely, without the constraint of a fixed minute-by-minute itinerary — we do not like hand holding. Yet, rest assured knowing that our expert travel team is available seven days a week to help in case of any unexpected events, like canceled flights, unpredictable weather, changing plans, or medical emergencies, and make sure you can keep enjoying your trip while we take care of all the hassle. You deserve flawless vacations, and we are here to ensure that you enjoy your trip regardless of what comes your way. 

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