Jubel’s mission is to broaden perspectives and bridge cultures by making meaningful travel experiences accessible and easy to plan

Our team of travel experts has over ten years of experience in the industry, representing 9 nationalities, having lived and worked in 25 countries, and travelled to over 60!



Robert Lyons | CTO

Bob has over 18 years of software and product development leadership experience, as CTO and co-founder of two data-driven health tech startups.  He has a PhD in economics from UC Berkeley, lives in Washington DC with his wife, two kids, and a dog, loves international travel and spends too much time playing lead guitar for a local rock band.


Jose Pablo Toscano | Co-Founder

A Mexico City native, Jose Pablo has travelled extensively throughout Latin America. He is always drawn to the most remote and unspoiled destinations, which helped inspire the creation of Jubel to seek out these gems and share them with the world.  


Nicolas Bergengruen | Co-Founder

Having lived in Chile, Germany, the United States, and Mexico all before the age of ten, Nicolas has carried a strong affinity for diverse cultures and global exploration from an early age. Travel has always been an itching priority in his life, and through Jubel, he's on a mission to inspire others by living fully through worthwhile and authentic travel experiences. 


Jenny Schröder | Head of Experiences

Jenny’s love of travel started from a young age. When she was a month old, to be exact, and her parents set off on a campervan trip through New Zealand. Since then, she has made it to 44 countries and lived in six, and is eager to discover more. Four years ago, she entered into the travel industry with the mission to help others explore the world.


Jennifer Gabell | Senior Travel Expert

With Swedish values, a Mexican heart, a Portuguese palette, a Brazilian love for sports, and an American education, Jennifer considers herself a citizen of the world. All her life, she has been surrounded with very different cultures, which has flourished her love for travel and discovery. 


Samantha Dexter | Senior Travel Expert

Sam is a U.S. born traveler who currently calls Southern Spain her home. Having spent the last six years hopping back and forth between South America and Europe, she has no plans to stop exploring. From Barcelona to the San Blas Islands, she is forever in search of the perfect beach town.