Make your trip a surprise

Jubel puts mystery and adventure back into travel. Choose to make your journey even more exciting by keeping your destinations unknown.   

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Long ago, travelers would embark on epic expeditions where maps served as mere suggestions, sea monsters roamed the oceans, and entire civilizations lay unknown. In those times, journeys turned travelers into heroes and heroes into legends. The world back then was a mysterious place, waiting to be explored by the brave and the bold. 

With today’s globalization, stumbling upon truly uncharted territory is a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t step into the unknown. Researching when planning a trip sets high expectations that may lead to disappointment and can diminish the chance of being awestruck by your destination once you arrive. The element of surprise, on the other hand, does wonders for your brain as it forces your attention to the present - providing a more invigorating experience. Studies show that leaving room for surprise intensifies your emotions and increases dopamine levels, staving off negative feelings and reducing anxiety. And honestly, surprises are thrilling!*


It’s entirely up to you just how much of your journey you wish to keep unknown.  Your request can be as vague as “send me anywhere in the world,” to something more specific, such as “surfing in Indonesia.” However, one thing is certain: the more that is left to your imagination, the more rewarding and thrilling your experience will be. 

Once your trip is booked, we will ship you multiple sealed envelopes that reveal your next destinations one at a time. They will each be marked with the date on which you should open them.