After studying abroad in both Ecuador and Spain while in college, it was clear that traveling the world would become a huge part of Sam’s life. The summer after graduation she headed straight back to Spain where she would live and work in Andalucía for the next year. 

Soon enough however, she was back on the road - this time landing in Santiago, Chile and kicking off her career in the travel industry. After helping plan countless trips and excursions throughout Chile, and South America as a whole, Sam embarked on a backpacking trip of her own, traveling from Chile, up through Bolivia, to Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and finally to Cuba. It was on this trip that she fell in love with Colombia and eventually decided to spend another 6 months there exploring the country.

Having spent the past 7 years living and working in 5 different countries, Sam’s current home base is in Southern Spain. However, she still manages to spend about half of the year traveling in search of more hidden corners around the world.

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