Best Places to Visit in Spain

Enchanting islands, some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches along nearly 5,000 km of coastline, a stunning total of 45 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, centuries full of rich history, and a passion for life that is best summed up with one word, and one word only: “fiesta.”

From the Pyrenees and the Picos de Europa to the Sierra Nevada; from the wild Atlantic to the charming Mediterranean Sea, Spain’s landscapes are nothing short of epic. Get lost in time as you explore the many traditional villages that dot the ever-changing sceneries and experience the countryside’s lively counterpart in Spain’s most vibrant cities where historical monuments mingle with incredible, modern architecture. Find the world’s biggest Gothic cathedral in Seville, marvel at the iconic fingerprints that Antoni Gaudí left on the colorful Barcelona, explore Granada’s Alhambra, or delve into Madrid’s busy heart at the central Puerta del Sol.

Spain’s rich cultural heritage is also reflected in its pool of world-class talent that includes the names of Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí and Francisco de Goya. Pay a visit to Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and explore both big and small galleries and museums located all over the country.

No matter whether you spend your day relaxing on the beach or adventuring along the world’s deadliest pathway, El Caminito del Rey, don’t forget to make time for tapas. Mingle with the locals at the nearest bar, enjoy the country’s world-class seafood or local delicacies made with jamón, and follow the flow of people for an authentic experience of Spain’s notorious nightlife.

Check out the yearly event calendar for festivals such as the running of the bulls in Pamplona or the tomato throwing festival in Buñol, and don’t miss the chance to witness a flamenco performance with your own eyes if you want to truly understand the Spanish culture, its rich traditions, and way of life. After all, there is a reason “fiesta” is one of the most common words in the Spanish language — a trip to its country of origin is set to show you just how come!

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The Best of Southern Spain (~30 days)

Discover Southern Spain, one of the country's most prized destinations.

Explore the whirlwind city of Madrid, a pulsating metropolis, bursting at the seams with both modern attractions and historical landmarks. Delve into Parque Natural Del Cabo De Gata Nijar, one of Europe's most treasured natural gems with coral reefs bursting with marine life, remote islands, and hidden caves.

Along the way, losing yourself in the magic of quintessential Andalusian towns as you discover their strong cultural traditions, emblematic cuisine, and postcard-perfect natural surroundings.


Spain’s Sparkling East (~30 days)

Discover what many consider to be Spain's most beautiful and interesting corner.

Explore the capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, and the country’s second largest city by population, Barcelona is cosmopolitan, vibrant and beautiful. Let yourself be swept away in a flurry of turquoise-blue seas, secret coves, soft golden sands, lush green foliage, soaring rugged mountains and sleepy honey-stone villages in one of the most famous beach towns in the world, Mallorca.

Along the way, experience stunning architecture, white sandy beaches, and mouth watering cuisine. What more could you need?

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