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Tobacco fields, world-class cigars, 1950's-era cars, Spanish-style colonial buildings, passionate people, untouched beaches, fabulous coral reefs, and impromptu dance sessions in the middle of the buzzing streets: This is Cuba, a journey back in time where life hasn't changed much in the last six decades.

Still under socialist rule to this day, this Caribbean island had its own version of AirBnb (before it became famous) for locals to host tourists in their homes. "Casas Particulares" are a great way to not only travel Cuba on a budget but also to experience the best of Cuba’s engaging culture and authentic hospitality. Sunbathe on one of the endless white beaches framed by palm trees, enjoy a fresh juice or cocktail mixed with Cuba’s world-famous rum, and dive into the ever-buzzing nightlife of Havana. The Buona Vista Social Club is just one of the world-renownd locations you shouldn’t miss during your visit.

Thanks to its subtropical climate, Cuba has two seasons. The dry season lasts from November to April, and the wet season from May to October. Hurricanes are most likely in August and September.

Please note that we are not able to plan trips to Cuba for American tourists. As well, all visitors should be prepared for sky high prices and mediocre quality accommodations and cuisine. If you’re able to look past these downsides though, you’ll be rewarded with a truly magical experience.

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