Long ago, travelers would embark on epic expeditions where maps served as mere suggestions, sea monsters roamed the oceans, and entire civilizations lay unknown. In those times, journeys turned travelers into heroes and heroes into legends. The world back then was a more mysterious place, waiting to be explored by the brave and the bold.

Before founding Jubel, I always tried to break away from the influence of mass tourism and re-create this feeling of adventure by exploring remote locations and staying as off-the-beaten path as I could.

But while doing so, I battled the internet’s unreliable information, price fluctuations and choice overload. After hours of research, I tried turning to personalized travel agencies for help, only to be shocked by their prices. Planning a one-of-a-kind trip felt like an unnecessarily frustrating process. There had to be a better way.

Inspired by this problem, our team set out to broaden perspectives and bridge cultures by making travel experiences meaningful, accessible, and easy to plan. Jubel was founded to help you embark on your ideal trip, experience the world in its authenticity, and transform regular vacations into once in a lifetime experiences, with tales to be told for years to come.

I firmly believe that experiential travel changes lives and should be made available to everyone - without the hefty price minimums of personalized travel agencies. This is why Jubel has created a tech-enabled platform that hosts a database of nearly 1,000 curated and vetted destinations, all over the world. This allows Jubel’s travel specialists to build and book ideal trips that match your preferences and any budget.  We’ll help you visit destinations that you may not even know exist yet, and experience things you never imagined you would love.

I hope you’ll join Jubel in our effort to grow curiosity and appreciation for our world, one journey and one traveler at a time!

Happy voyaging,

-  JP Toscano, CEO