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A word to encompass the American experience would be diversity. 50 states make up the cultural behemoth that is the United States, each offering unique experiences ranging from driving through laid-back country roads, to visiting postcard-perfect national parks, to reveling in animated nightlife in the bigger cities. Millions of miles of highways take you past idyllic seascapes, lush forests, mystical beaches, and red-rock deserts from west to east, the sheer character of each state captivating each visitor with its unforgiving charm and individuality. Names of cities and counties evoke unending associations – Los Angeles and its world-renowned entertainment scene, New Orleans’ decadent southern fare, New York City’s perpetual restlessness, Washington D.C.’s monumental political and historical significance, and Philadelphia as the birthplace of the nation and of cheesesteaks.

America’s greatest export is culture. Over 35,000 museums span the U.S., where visitors can get a glimpse of the rich history of the United States and the country’s contribution to arts and science, as well as a look at inventions and war memorials. The U.S. has surreal musical talent, and with Tennessee carrying the legacy of country and western music, the blues being born in the southern states, and Seattle flaunting their gritty grunge bands like Soundgarden and Nirvana, it's no wonder that the music world is still dominated by American artists today.

Each state is a feeling – all dressed up to head to a club in Miami, the salt in your hair and sand between your toes on a California beach, gearing up for a ski down a mountain in Vermont, the mélange of the United States will envelop you and offer canvases to create long-lasting memories upon. No matter what, you’ll surely find a place to fit in and feel at home.

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Desert Road Trip (14 nights)

Discover the most beautiful desert destinations on this road trip through Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.

Begin your journey in the sleepy town of Sedona, and watch the surrounding mountains turn a shade of deep red as the sun sets. Hike in nearby Coconino National Forest and discover the tow's vibrant art scene.

Head to the magnificent Grand Canyon. This million-acre desert reserve offers not only stunning views and countless opportunities for secluded hiking and camping but also a worthy history lesson of the Hopi and Navajo tribes.


Historical Gems of the South (13 nights)

This road trip will take you along some of the most important and stunning sites of the United States’ south.

Here, you will be able to enjoy live-music in the birthplace of country music itself, hike parts of the famous Appalachian trail, stroll though charming southern towns, visit old plantations and manors, marvel at some of the most important sites of the civil war and taste good ole’ Southern cuisine.

This trip will open your eyes to the wonders and beauties of the American South.

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