Why You Should Take a Surprise Trip At Least Once in Your Life

7 Reasons to Go On a Surprise Trip:

  • Step Out Of Your Daily Routine

How often do you get to surprise yourself? Never! Because it’s virtually impossible. Yet with a surprise trip, that is exactly what you’re able to do. By venturing to an unknown destination, you'll allow yourself to not only be surprised, but you might also find yourself visiting places you've never even dreamed of. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the excitement of really mixing things up.

  •  Give the Control-Freak a Break

Do yourself a favor and completely relax at least once in your life. With a surprise trip, you won’t need to spend countless hours planning. Let yourself be in a situation where you cannot predict every outcome. By allowing yourself to feel vulnerable and by not have a minute-by-minute plan, you will be able to truly enjoy yourself! Tania Luna and Leeann Renninger, PhD psychologists and authors of Surprise: Embrace the Unpredictable and Engineer the Unexpected , wrote in their book that “so long as we fear vulnerability, we play it safe and stop ourselves from exploring”.

  •  Find Yourself

By not planning anything and letting go of all the stress, a surprise trip can teach you a lot about yourself and allow you to take a closer look inside. There is something nearly spiritual about stepping into the truly unknown, facing a new adventure head-on, and learning about yourself in the process.


  •  Be the Envy of Your Friends

Have you ever had a friend who did something crazy and out of the ordinary and you wish you could be as brave as that person? Well, you can be that brave -  with a trip where the destination is a surprise. Your friends will be the ones wishing they had done it first and wishing they had the guts to blindly go on a trip.  

  • Tired of Making Decisions Every Hour of the Day?

Unfortunately, part of being an adult is having to constantly make decisions – from what movie to watch on Netflix, to what to cook for dinner, and how to answer to your client’s angry e-mail. Isn’t it nice when you’re not the only one making decisions and someone helps you out? With a surprise trip you won’t even have to decide where to go! Let yourself be pampered and, at least once, have somebody else make an important grown-up decision for you.

  •  Rekindle That Romantic Spark

Nothing beats the sensation of excitement and thrill that comes from a good surprise. Well, nothing except sharing that surprise! Sharing such moments help us to truly savor them, now imagine a mystery trip! It is said that surprises are the spice of life, and that is definitely true in any long-term relationship. Couples who engage in more novel and new activities end up being more attracted to each other and having a happier relationship. Although safety and comfort are essential in a relationship, surprise and excitement are just as important.

  •  Because Science Says So

Finally, if nothing else convinces you, let science do it for you. A lot of research has been done on the effects of surprises on the brain. It turns out that surprises flood our systems with dopamine and activate the pleasure centers of our brain.  Research also shows that surprises intensify our emotions by 400 percent. It feels good to be surprised. It feels great to travel. Now imagine mixing the two!

Jen Gabell