Six Unique Destinations for New Year's

New Year’s Eve is coming up soon and we want to make sure you have the perfect place to celebrate. Ring in the new year in one of the following exciting destinations!


1. Samoa & American Samoa

Be the first AND last into 2018 in a tropical, natural playground

Samoa is a group of beautiful Polynesian islands. It is a country filled with lush and rugged rainforests, reef-covered beaches, stunning gorges, and beautiful and fun natural waterfall slides. Samoa is one of the most remote and untouched destinations in the world -  it has no mass tourism, no luxury hotels, and is completely off the grid. It so happens that, together with Tonga and Kiribati, it is the first country in the world to enter the new year. In Samoa, you can spend your New Year’s Eve watching traditional dances, fireworks, enjoying a cold beer and knowing you are among the first people on Earth to reach 2018!

To add to the excitement, you can wake up the next day and go back in time, in a manner of speaking. You can take an hour flight east to American Samoa, one of the most breathtaking places in Polynesia, and celebrate New Year’s Eve all over again, 25 hours later - more champagne, more fireworks. Very few people can say they’ve been among the first, and last, to celebrate the new year!


2. Bratislava, Slovakia

Enjoy an unpretentious and hectic street party in a medieval square

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is located along the beautiful Danube River - the same river that crosses through Vienna.  Spend New Year’s Eve partying in the streets and plazas of the 18th-century Old Town. Bratislava is already well known for its lively bars and cafes, now imagine it in on New Year’s Eve!

Thousands gather in the streets to enjoy an unpretentious night with concerts located throughout the streets, open-air dance parties, and large screens streaming New Year’s celebrations in different locations around the world.

Watch a stunning firework show over the Danube and Bratislava’s beautiful castle which overlooks the entire city. New Year’s Eve in Bratislava is no quiet affair, especially because of the tradition of using rehtackas, or wooden noisemakers, to chase away the negative vibes from the past year. Only after midnight do people even begin to head to the bars and clubs. This will be a night to remember!


3. Kitzbühel, Austria

World-renowned fireworks over the Alps, a nocturnal ski show, and crazy parties

Kitzbühel is a ski and party lover’s paradise any time of the year, but it’s particularly spectacular and wild for New Year’s Eve. This small yet beautiful Medieval Alpine town located in the province of Tyrol in Austria is a fashionable and prosperous winter resort with amazing ski slopes.  

Fittingly, the celebrations for New Year’s Eve begin on the slopes with a torch and ski show. The best ski schools gather to perform stunts and top off  the show with a big air jump through a ring of fire, which is then followed by a magnificent firework show by an award-winning pyrotechnic artist. Watch an artistic fireworks display with snowflakes in the air and the magnificent Alps in the background!  After the spectacle, crowds head to the town’s lively bars or nightclubs for a long, crazy party.


4. Cape Town, South Africa

Wild techno concerts, street parades, romantic wine estate orchestras, and star-gazing picnics on Table Mountain

South Africa’s second largest city, Cape Town is renowned for its scenic beauty, its interesting history and culture, its fantastic food and its impossibly cool vibe. New Year’s Eve celebrations in this multicultural city span for three days. Enjoy the new year in one of the hundreds of concerts throughout the city, watch carnival parades with more than 10,000 performers and dancers, and dance your heart out in a bar or nightclub that completely fits your personality.

For a more romantic and quiet night, there are a variety of options including delighting in  the firework spectacles atop Table Mountain with a picnic, drinking sparkling wine on a boat in the harbor while watching the city at midnight, or heading to a nearby wine estate and listening to a live orchestra band play while you sip on the estate’s best wines. Cape Town has it all and can adapt itself to any taste - you just have to let it.


5. Punta del Este, Uruguay

Beach parties, summer, and barefoot glamour

Punta del Este in Uruguay has been dubbed by many as the “St. Tropez of South America” or “The Hamptons of Uruguay”. It is one of the biggest hotspots in South America, but quite unknown to the rest of the world. Punta del Este is a beautiful and modern beach resort city with stunning coastline , upscale resorts, and luxurious and bohemian nightclubs. Immerse yourself in Uruguayan summer over New Year’s Eve, and rub elbows  with South America’s elite!

Let yourself enjoy the craziest beach parties of your life, the most exclusive and glamorous nightclubs, the never ending sunshine, your perfect South American tan, and a firework spectacle to remember. If you are looking for a Rio-style glittering party but want to avoid the huge crowds, Punta del Este is perfect for you!


6. Nashville,




Fireworks, hats, confetti, bar hopping and live country music at it’s best

Nashville, the Music City, is the capital of the US state of Tennessee and has a beautiful Southern charm to it. It is the home of country music and is a spectacular place to spend New Year’s Eve !

Thousands gather to the streets to hear fantastic live country musicians playing on stages throughout the city. The music and firework spectacles truly wow anybody who goes!

Enjoy the amazing music and concerts while wearing cowboy boots and hats, throwing confetti, dancing, singing, bar-hopping, and eating a traditional hearty Southern meal. New Year’s Eve in Nashville promises great fun and music all night long!


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