The wanderlust bug bit Michelle after she made her first international trip to the Land of the Long White Cloud, New Zealand. Despite New Zealand's incredible culture, landscapes, and food, Michelle chose to live here because it was on the other side of the globe, away from her comfortable home in Boston, Massachusetts. After a year working and traveling in New Zealand, she decided her life would be full of similar adventures to exciting new places without any knowledge of what to expect before she arrived; she's the ultimate thrill seeker.

Ever since then, Michelle has made it her mission to help clients step outside of their comfort zone and experience the thrill of traveling to unforgettable destinations. While doing so, she backpacked through Southeast Asia, worked as a tour guide in New York City, and currently spends no more than six months in any given place before she packs up and moves again to keep the adventure alive!

Michelle’s interests include street food festivals, scuba diving, and yoga; all of which she developed during her travels across the globe. Michelle always encourages travelers to try something new even if it sounds a bit scary at first; because sometimes, doing the things we fear the most is precisely what we should do to grow and learn! Michelle lives by the motto “Do it for the story.”

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