Lea was brought up with the mentality that the world is your oyster and that to travel is to live.

Growing up, her family would spend many months at a time in different places including Sicily, Bermuda, Bahamas, Costa Rica, New York, Austria, Tasmania, and Australia before finally settling in New Zealand when Lea was a teenager.

Lea decided to continue to immerse herself in different cultures and moved to London where she studied and worked in event management for the next four years. Itching to change location yet again, Lea moved to Boston and New York, to pursue a master’s degree in International Marketing. Upon graduating, Lea found herself drawn to the liveliness of Mexico City, where she now lives and works.

Lea is passionate about discovering off-the-beaten-path destinations and helping others experience the treasure that is to travel. Having visited over 50 countries and lived in seven, Lea is knowledgeable not only about destinations all over the world, but also their cultures, way of life, and languages.

She now shares this insight by passionately planning trips for her clients, while continuing to add and tick-off destinations on her mile-long bucket list.

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