Experiential travel startup now offers an investment opportunity as they introduce an innovative Do-It-Yourself trip planning platform

San Diego, November 15th, 2018 – Jubel announces the launch of its crowdfunding campaign through a partnership with MicroVentures, now offering anyone the opportunity to take part in Jubel’s mission to reinvent the way people travel. Jubel is fundraising to finalize its latest product, which is a platform that will catalyze the travel industry, making experiential travel planning easy and accessible by allowing its users to craft custom trips according to any budget and their preferences.

Jubel’s user-friendly interface, expected to launch in beta January 2019 with additional features to be rolled out continually, will offer travelers the means to seamlessly plan a multi-destination trip to over 100 countries through a fully customizable planning & booking platform. Its carefully vetted, proprietary database of close to 1,000 destinations, removes the guesswork from online research—which averages over 23 exhaustive hours and over 140 visits to travel sites—by providing optimized itineraries based on the user’s unique interests, travel style, and desired budget.

“What we’re doing, at the core, is helping to remove the divide between hiring an expensive luxury travel advisor and the frustration of having to spend considerable time searching the web yourself to plan and eventually book directly through platforms like Expedia, Booking.com, or Airbnb. We’re building something that will simplify what should be an enjoyable experience, finding the perfect vacation, by democratizing the knowledge and personalization services of travel advisors all within one tab on your computer; and then book flights, accommodations, and activities from the same trusted affiliate partners (Expedia, Booking.com, or Airbnb)” says Jose Pablo Toscano, Jubel CEO and co-founder.

“Travelers value independence and authenticity in their adventures, now more than ever, and want to take more meaningful, multi-destination trips while also desiring hyper-personalized travel experiences,” says Toscano, “The convergence of the mass digitalization of supplier inventory and advancements in artificial intelligence, now makes it possible to match the services of elite travel agencies at a fraction of the cost, and we’re excited to offer our loyal customers a new and innovative tool while we look ahead to expand our customer base to those in need of innovation in order to seamlessly explore the remote-corners of our world.”

The crowdfunding campaign comes as the company nears the end of a remarkable year where Jubel grew sales 85% compared to 2017, participated in one of the United States’ top acceleration programs, Capital Innovators, received funding from the Lindbergh Technology Fund, and saw 29% of their customers return to use them again in the last twelve months.

Over the course of the crowdfunding campaign, tech enthusiasts, investors, and travelers alike can invest in Jubel’s vision. With an accessible minimum investment of $100, almost anyone can invest through MicroVentures’ crowdfunding platform.


About Jubel

Founded in California in 2015, Jubel helps travelers seamlessly plan & book multi-destination trips by matching them with their ideal destinations around the world according to their preferences and budget. Jubel has helped over 2,000 travelers discover every continent around the globe and has been recommended by 96% of their clients.

Contact: team@jubel.co | +1 (424) 256-7416

About MicroVentures

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