Jenny has been traveling since before she can remember. Her first trip was at just a month old, when her parents decided to take a camper van trip through New Zealand, and brought her along. Since then, it’s been non-stop exploration. She has made it to 45 countries, lived in six (Sweden, Bermuda, the US, Spain, Australia and Mexico), and has no plan of stopping any time soon.

After her gradation from Barnard College of Columbia University, Jenny decided to take a gap year to explore Asia and Oceania, and it was on this journey that she finally realized her place in the world: within the travel industry, helping others have similarly other-worldly experiences to her own.

Upon returning to New York, she took a job at Indagare Travel, a luxury travel agency, specializing in high end trips all over the planet. In her two years with the company, she learned about hundreds of different trips, thousands of destinations and countless amazing hotels and suppliers across the globe.

Early 2017, Jenny joined Jubel, where she continues to build upon her deep destination knowledge, and takes great pleasure in assisting her clients have the adventures of their lives.

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