Jodi spent her childhood in South Africa and moved to Australia at a young age. After graduating from Sydney University, she began working for a travel start-up where she experienced her first taste of the travel industry and furthered her desire to explore the world. 

Jodi was determined to immerse herself into different cultures as well as work on something meaningful, which led to her helping vulnerable people. So she moved to Tel Aviv to work with African asylum seekers and refugees. Later on, in Israel, Jodi began working as a travel planner to share with clients her favorite experiences in the world. She loves planning fascinating and unforgettable journeys with exciting glimpses of roads less traveled.

After more than four years in Israel, Jodi jumped continents and moved to Mexico City, where she completed a Master's Degree in Global Migration and joined Jubel. Jodi is passionate about meeting people from all walks of life, experiencing new places, and discovering off-the-beaten-path destinations. She has lived in four countries and plans to continue quenching her thirst for curiosity through continuous exploration.

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