Your travel styles will set the tone for your Journey. In our Survey you can mix and match as many as you'd like 


Active Nature

The thrill of the moment inspires us. We are limitless explorers, thriving by the edge of a cliff, the surf break, and in the darkness at the end of the tunnel. We are only scared of not feeling scared, because risk is the lifeline keeping us alive.



Turquoise waters and white sands is our happy place. The ocean's waves bring us in, while its tide sways us into a trance. We smell the ocean, feel the sky, and day dream on its sands. We all once came from the ocean and it is here that we belong.



We are modern day time travelers looking for our next stop in history. Experiencing traditions that have beaten the test of time with magnificent beauty and grace gives us goose bumps. Culture breathes such authentic life and color into the world that we wouldn’t dare to miss it.


Chilled Nature

Nature is the opium of our tribe. Feeling connected with the purest places in this world is a peaceful euphoria.  Running water is music to our ears, shooting stars are fireworks to our eyes, and the earth under our feet is our sacred home. We know heaven is a place on earth.


Party Purist

We are the children of the night — free spirited and young at heart. We live for building memories in amazing places. We cannot get enough of meeting new people; it energizes our spirits. Life is too short to live a boring one.