Why Jubel Saves You 55% In Value Versus Planning Trips Yourself

Is our service fee throwing you off? Are you wondering whether maybe you should just finish planning that trip yourself after all? Are you thinking: Is Jubel’s price worth it? We get it. It’s a question we hear a lot, and long answer short, absolutely.


Let's start with an example: Would you plan your wedding yourself to save some money?

The answer is probably no -- your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so you will you stop at nothing short of perfection.

Theoretically, it’s totally possible to plan your wedding yourself. You could pick and rent out a venue, select the perfect invitation and write the message, pull together the guest list and mail out each rsvp, hire a photographer, find a musical performer, investigate lighting, pick which napkins work best with which plates, and which glasses work best with which tablecloth. The list goes on.

However, most wouldn’t even consider taking on such a huge task themselves, especially because the likelihood of making a mistake due to inexperience is too high. So, you opt for option B: hiring a wedding planner. A few months later, that planner has organized the wedding of your dreams, and all you had to do was answer yes or no to some emails. As it usually goes, the planner was insanely expensive, but hey, who can put a price on a flawless wedding day?




What about your honeymoon?

The story here is the same -- you could sift through hundreds of destinations, browse thousands of flight options, open a million tabs with lovely hotels and go through every tour possible on the planet to plan your honeymoon. However, because your honeymoon has to be perfect, you end up hiring a professional, who in the end, plans an adventure so magical, it’ll have you wondering why you even considered planning it yourself.

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So why shouldn’t every trip be as special as your honeymoon?

You are probably thinking: because it's too expensive! However, with Jubel, it doesn't have to be. We beat the level of service you would expect from honeymoon planners, but with any desired budget, for any trip.

Most of our life is spent at work, doing the same routine tasks over and over again. Let’s face it, vacation is what we live for, and with just a few days off per year, how can we risk going on trips that aren’t, well... Always perfect? Jubel is here to make sure they always are. 


If you look at it purely from the perspective of “Jubel charges a service fee so it must be more expensive than if I book the trip myself”, then sure, go ahead and lock in that awesome flight deal to Bali. $400 round trip to Asia, amazing right?!

That is, until you get there and realize that Indonesia runs on a completely different season than the rest of South East Asia, and December is actually the lowest of low seasons, and now you’re sitting in a flooded hotel as the monsoon hammers-on outside of your window.

What you pay for when traveling with Jubel is peace of mind, knowing that you’ll be going on the trip of your dreams; and when you take into consideration everything that goes into our trips, you’ll understand why Jubel saves you money.

Sounds too good to be true? It isn't, here is how we make it happen:

1. Savings worth 30% of your trip’s cost by skipping the time, stress, and frustration of planning

You have your schedule set: You’re super busy at work, your evenings are dedicated to the gym, cooking, and unwinding, and your weekends are for socializing with friends and family. So when are you supposed to make time to plan a complicated but amazing trip to a new place?

What’s more, trip planning itself is tricky and often tedious. Hello thirty open tabs, four excel sheets, and infinite options.

And, as the cherry on top, you know that flight prices fluctuate by the minute so, even though you’re not sure that your plan is well-constructed, you go ahead and buy those flights anyways, without putting any more thought into it.

Jubel helps you with all of this. Simply fill out our quick survey to tell us what you’re looking for and, within a few days, you’ll have a concise and logistically sound travel itinerary in your hands, with an easy one-click booking option.

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What’s the value of that?

Well, let’s calculate it: Research shows that a typical experiential trip takes 30+ hours to plan, almost a full work week! This means that the cost of self planning represents around 1.5% of your yearly income (1 week divided by 52 in the year) in time wasted working without getting paid. Now, on average, we have found that people spend around 5% of their yearly income on a big trip, this means that the opportunity cost in lost wages is an additional 30% on top of your trip’s cost (1.5% divided by 5%).

Jubel can save you this price paid in time, stress, and frustration when planning; so you can instead relax and spend time doing what you love.

2. Savings worth 15% of your trip’s cost by optimizing your travel logistics with the most cost-efficient options

When we think of deal hunting, flights are usually what come to mind. However, there are many other factors that go into a trip, and this is one of the reasons trip budgeting is so complicated.

You may very well have found a great flight deal to Iceland in the spring, but did you know that it’s actually one of the most expensive destinations on the planet? All of those $11 beers and $150 tours are quickly going to eat up any money you might have saved on plane tickets.

On the flip side, tickets to South East Asia are generally pretty pricey, given how far it is to get there, so you’ve been saving that trip for when you have more money to splurge on a big adventure. Yet did you know that, once you’ve arrived, you can live like a king for only $50 a day? With the money you spent on that week in Iceland, you could actually have bought a month-long trip through Vietnam, and with better accommodations.




What’s the value of that?

On average, we’ll manage to upgrade you to better hotel classes while staying under budget, worth around 15% of your trip’s cost. This money would’ve otherwise been spent on pricier flights to more expensive destinations, and inefficient travel logistics.

3. Savings worth 10% of your trip’s cost by guaranteeing ideal destinations from all options available to you

Another problem we often see in do-it-yourself planning is poor choice of destinations. It’s probably happened to you -- you’re scrolling through Instagram and a picture catches your eye. At first, you think it’s a Nat geo post, but then you realize it’s actually your friend who is currently in Boracay, Philippines. That powder fine sand, the lapping cobalt waves, the technicolor sunset, and not a person in sight! You instantly save the picture and begin planning when you can go.

The deal hunting starts and you find dirt cheap flights and decent accommodations in December. You’re winning.

Until, like your trip to Bali, you get there and immediately realize that your friend must have taken the pictures at just the right angle to avoid showing the dozens of other loud tourists crowding the beach area, and pollution scattered all over the sand and in the water. NOT what you initially expected (and certainly not worth your hard-earned money).

Not only did you spend an inordinate amount of time and money planning for this trip, but the saddest realization of all is that you just wasted over a week of your precious vacation time on an “okay” trip, when you could have been having the awesome experience you wanted somewhere else.

Cheap trips are great, but they are even better when it’s to the best destinations for you, and at the ideal time of year.




What’s the value of that?

Being able to nail your trip and avoid any disappointment could be considered priceless. However, think how much you would be willing to pay to guarantee a perfect trip and life-long memories, 20% of the total cost? 15%? Let’s say 10%, as a low estimate.

4. Savings of $45 - $120 in curated recommendations while you’re on the ground

We’ve all been there: Ready, set, take-off. You arrive at your destination after months of planning and are excited to get started on your trip, only to have to… do more research. Where should I eat tonight? What should I see tomorrow? Are there any cool day trips?

Researching sites and restaurants in-location will take much of your precious vacation time away by having to constantly get on your phone throughout the day, wasn’t the whole point of traveling to disconnect?

Hotel concierges might be able to help, but they are probably just recommending some of the the most touristy things out there because they have deals with tour operators and get commissions from referrals.

This is where Jubel comes in. Every trip includes a curated recommendation guide for every single destination you’ll be visiting, with suggestions on what to see, do, eat and drink, as well as useful info on travel to that particular country.




What’s the value of that?

With most trips averaging around 3 destinations, Jubel just saved you in time spent researching and/or buying guide books worth $45 - $120 (along with the uncertainty that the recommendations from your concierge or guidebook may be generic or out of date).

5. Savings of $250 in VIP concierge services and a safety net while traveling

Lastly, let’s not forget that all of those restaurant reservations need to be booked and the tours need to be reserved. The flights, hotels and transportation are just the base, and how you fill your days is what really makes or breaks the trip.

As we saw above, researching where to eat and what to do can take hours. Then, once you finally decide and commit, you give the hostess a call, just to find out she only speaks Spanish, and the only word you know in her language is “cerveza.” Not so helpful.

Jubel can help you with this as well -- see us as your personal concierge, not only before the trip, but during your journey as well, without breaking the bank. You just missed your connection and need help getting booked on the next flight to London? No worries, we’re on it. Your tour got rained out and now you need to push it back a day? Not a problem, we’ve got you covered. You want dinner reservations at top spots every day of your trip? It’s our pleasure.

Whatever unexpected event happens, with Jubel, you can guarantee that you won’t have to spend time worrying about it, just continue enjoying the trip while we take care of it.




What’s the value of that?

VIP concierge services like the one that Jubel offers can cost anywhere from $25 a day to bewilderingly expensive yearly prices that no one should be able to afford. With a trip averaging around 10 days in length, Jubel just saved you at least $250.

Overall, Jubel saves you over 55% in value

To wrap it up, if you’re simply out after the best flight deals, then by all means, go forth and conquer on your own. Unfortunately, we can’t help you there (yet).

However, if you’re looking to have the experience of a lifetime, Jubel can certainly help you do so, all the while saving you up to 55% of your trip’s cost, plus an additional $370. When considered in relation to Jubel’s small service fee, this is a no brainer.

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