Why Traveling As a Couple is Vital to Your Relationship

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We all know that taking trips with your partner can be fun. However it can also be very testy. A lot of things come up when traveling with your significant other that mean a lot to the dynamic of the relationship. 

If things go smoothly, it is actually one of the best ways to strengthen your relationship.  

Yep -- heading to Norway or Nepal together may actually be just the thing your relationship needs. Don’t believe us? 

How traveling with your partner will strengthen your relationship 

Here’s some good reasons why you and your partner should be heading off on a romantic getaway together.

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You both have to learn to navigate unfamiliar territory together

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Traveling isn’t always easy -- every day you are in a new place, you are faced with unfamiliar foods, sounds, smells, you name it. 

Having another person in the same boat as you not only makes it easier to deal with the culture shock, but it also helps increase your relationship’s adaptability and willingness to grow. Instead of seeing how your partner handles new experiences when you are back home making difficult decisions, traveling is a low-stakes way to understand your partner’s decision making styles and build upon your group dynamic. Yes, that can sometimes create trying situations, but it can also help build your bond to get through such hard times. 

Traveling together creates memories you can fall back upon during difficult times

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We’ll say it -- being in a relationship isn’t always fun and games. When times get tough, it is important that you have wonderful memories to fall back upon, which will keep you going until things get better. 

According to neuropsychologist Lutz Jäncke, memories from travel are particularly long-lasting and take a “prioritised position within the realm of experience.” This means that travel, perhaps more than happy memories from your day-to-day life, will remain fresh in your mind, even long after the trip has ended. 

It improves your communication skills

couple looking at a city map together

Taking a trip together requires you to make everything from large decisions (where should we go) to smaller ones (where should we eat tonight). Making so many decisions in such a short time period means you two have to really be in tuned to one another and understand each other’s communication styles.

While this can sometimes cause fights and bickering, such trying times can actually improve your relationship in the future. According to a US Travel Association survey, couples who travelled together reported greater levels of communication than those who have not travelled together. 

You get to learn about your partner in a different context

couple sightseeing in a city

You know your partner in your day-to-day life. But what are they like outside of that context?

Traveling together means you can understand more about your partner removed from the daily trials and tribulations of life. Maybe your partner has a secret passion for graphic novels that you didn’t know about until you visited Drawn and Quarterly in Montreal. Maybe they are secretly an amazing Thai chef, which you learned once you took a cooking class in Chiang Mai. All of these things build up your knowledge about your partner, and help you fall even more deeply in love with them. 

Traveling can help improve your sex life

cuddling couple watching the sunset together

As if we could write an article about traveling with your partner without talking about how the sex is just better when you are abroad. And yes, that is scientifically proven. 

Spending quality time together is bound to spark intimacy and thus romance. All the while breaking you out of your daily routine is bound to spice up your sex life. Plus, the romantic views of the sunset or the intimate dinner dates can’t hurt. 

The best types of trips to take with your partner

shadow of a couple with a colorful sunset in the background

So now we know why we should go on trips with our partners. But where should we go? If you aren’t into the idea of a surprise trip (which can be amazing for couples), keep reading below to see some of our favorite couple-friendly destinations. 

Head to the beaches of Costa Rica for some picturesque ocean views

surfboard on a sandy beach

Many parts of Costa Rica are known for its exquisite beaches, which are perfect for the couple looking to take a relaxing and idyllic vacation together. 

Our favorite beach? Definitely check out Tamarindo, a surfing haven in Guanacaste where you can get sun and sand all at once. 

Looking for something less lively and more intimate? You can go to Conchal Beach, also in Guanacaste for some romantic time together. 

Hop on over to Jaipur for amazing historical and cultural sites

mountains and palace in Jaipur India

More of a culturist and than a beach-goer? Then grab a plane to Jaipur, one of India’s many cultural capitals and a wonderful place to spend a week with your partner. 

First head to City Palace, which was established during the times of the Maharajas and still houses the Jaipur Royal Family. With its intricate architecture and beautiful paintings, it is a great way to bond with your partner over your love of art.

Then take a trip to Ajmer and Pushkar, two holy pilgrimage centers a stone’s throw away from the Pink City. A quick day trip, this is the perfect way to see some religious sites in India and learn about Indian religious heritage.

This cultural trip is the perfect way you and your partner can expand your worldview together!

Check out the clubs together in Cartagena

colorful nightclub with lots of lights

Want to spend some time partying with your loved one? Look no further than Cartagena, a true party capital of the world. 

First start your night at Donde Fidel, a great Salsa bar for you to pregame at. Then head to the famous Mister Babilla for some amazing music and dancing. Want some other great clubs? Check out this list here and try to knock them all out during your trip. 

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So are you ready to embark on the trip of a lifetime which will indelibly deepen your relationship? Jubel is ready to help plan your best trip, whether you want to party in Colombia, explore the cultural sites of Jaipur, or do something totally different! 

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