Why Families Should Ditch the Resorts and Go On Real Adventures

family with young children in the white streets of Greece

It is 2019 -- family vacations don’t have to mean heading to a resort in the Bahamas or a camp in the Catskills anymore.

Rather, the time is ripe to embark on a real adventure with your family. With exciting foods, beautiful vistas, and authentic experiences, experiential travel will have your family grow together, tighten your bonds, and learn about the world around you.

Want to learn more about how experiential travel can benefit your family? Read on to find out why you should embark on an adventure-filled family vacation ASAP!

You’ll create priceless memories your kids will always draw back upon

parents taking selfie in front of the Taj Majal

As a family, it is important to have a tight bond, which is often based on shared experiences and the wonderful memories that come alongside them. Travel is a great way to break out of the monotony of your day-to-day routine and create the memories that your kids will look back on for years to come.

So whether it is, “Remember when Mom tried fried tarantula in South East Asia,” or “Remember when Dad jumped into a cenote in Mexico,” these are the experiences that will impact your child for a lifetime and tighten your family mythos.

Furthermore, traveling is especially crucial for constructing new and positive relationships between siblings. Whether your kids are best friends or constantly at each other’s throats, taking them out of their day-to-day routine allows them to see their sibling in a new light.

With opportunities for teamwork and growth such as scaling a waterfall in Vietnam, playing the game Tejo together in Colombia, or trying different and exciting cuisines in Turkey, traveling together as a family tightens the bonds between siblings and gives them memories of quality time together that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

You’ll teach your kids about other cultures

spread of delicious street food in Asia

In today’s globalized world, it is incredibly important that your kids are not only informed about other cultures, but also respectful and open towards them.

Travel is crucial in cultivating this cultural sensitivity. By seeing different places unlike their own home, your children will begin to understand the wider world, instilling within them a broadened perspective.

As Dr. Shimi Kang writes, travel “opens the eyes, minds, and hearts of youngsters.” So pack up those suitcases and get ready to expand your children’s horizons.

But more than cultural sensitivity, experiential travel teaches your children to be more flexible, adaptable, and open-minded -- three qualities that they will carry with them long into the future.

Travel instills self-confidence in children

two children sitting together while overlooking vast canyon

With traveling, you break out of your day-to-day routine and instead try new things and take on new challenges. This is crucial in instilling self-confidence and awareness in your children.

Indeed, as the traveling family bloggers the Wandering Wagars write, “Being away from home breaks your regular routine and forces you out of your comfort zone. Both children and adults can benefit from having to assume new roles during their travels. Whether as an explorer, navigator, taste-tester or interpreter, there is always an opportunity for kids to step up and take leadership roles.”

Have adult children? Traveling together is a great way to build your shifting adult relationships

hiking family looking at rolling hills and rivers

With newly minted adult children, your relationship with them necessarily changes. They no longer rely on you for every feeding time or challenge in their lives.

Therefore, it is crucial to build a new sort of relationship -- an adult relationship that is different, although every bit as tight, as your relationship when they were kids.

Traveling -- particularly experiential travel -- is a great way to cement that adult relationship. Your children will see you in a new light as you take on new challenges and try new experiences. They will learn about you not just as a “parent” but as a person, and you will see them for the amazing adult that they are.

Living unique experiences strengthens your family bonds, whether your children are toddlers or grown adults.

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