A Three Day Itinerary to Drink Your Way Through Prague’s Best Bars and Beer Gardens

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The Local Drinking Spots in Prague for the Party Purist

Prague’s drinking scene is legendary around the world for its bar culture. Indeed, Prague residents know their beers. Beer, as some travel experts note, is often nicknamed “živá voda” or life-giving water, suggesting the centrality of beer to Prague’s culture.

But Prague is not all about tradition. Rather, Prague is becoming a hot-bed for innovative cocktail trends and hip drinking spots. As the New York Times reported, Prague is “riding the wave of the cocktail revolution,” with local joints offering exciting twists on classics, like a gin and tonic infused with lime leaves or a tequila spritzer with homemade blueberry syrup.

Moreover, Prague, according to a recent study, has the second highest density of bars around the world. But with all that choice, how will you know where to go?

Well, Jubel put together a three to four day itinerary for all the best places to drink in Prague, from Wednesday night through Sunday.

Thursday Night: Beers and Bars Galore!

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For a chill start to the evening, head to Letna Park Biergarten (located in Prague 7) at sundown for cold beers and delicious meat snacks. But most importantly, this park, located on a hill, has an incredible view of the whole city.

Head to the top at dusk for an amazing view, and to get your bearings for the long night ahead of you. The beer is averagely priced for Prague, though cheap by US standards (around $2), so it is easy to have a chill pregame here.

Then, cross over the river by Uber into Prague 1, or Old Town. With easy pedestrian access, you can easily hit up a lot of different bars and great clubs for a fun night out.

Once you get to Old Town, first stop at Blah Blah Bar for some excellent cocktails. For around $6, you can try some of the most inventive cocktails of your life (who wouldn’t want to try vodka infused with halavah?). Plus, the friendly bartenders that work there make it a fun place to chill, chat, or maybe flirt.

Then head to the crowd-pleasing Vzorkovna, known in some expat circles as the “dog bar” for the huge dog that hangs out around the bar. With multiple rooms each featuring a different theme (and different drinks) there is something for everyone at this hip spot. Pro-Tip: They use a “chip system” where you deposit a certain amount of money on a chip at the beginning of the night, and swipe to buy drinks, which means it is easy to spend a lot of money without realizing. Stay vigilant!

Finally, end the evening with a nightcap at Hemingway, a speakeasy-esque bar inspired by (you guessed it) Ernest Hemingway and his love of cocktails. Try their creative cocktails featuring hip ingredients like kombucha, sour starfish candy, and yuzu puree.

Friday Night Shenanigans in Zizkov and New Town

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Start your night in Zizkov, located in Prague 3. A former working-class district, Zizkov is known for having the most bars per capita of any district in Europe. It is definitely a great place to bar hop around the city like a local!

First, head to U Vystřelenýho Oka, a hole-in-the-wall spot with a lovely beer garden tucked away. Enjoy some cheap Pilsner and soak in the fresh air before the summer sun sets.

Want a more indoor vibe? Check out Malkovich Bar, featuring some of the most delicious and unique cocktails in all of Prague. Definitely try a drink of their daily menu, which changes with all the hip specials of the moment.

Once the night gets going, head over to New Town, a short Uber or tram ride over from Zizkov. Located adjacent to Old Town, is one of the most fun spots in Prague for clubs and bars alike. This is definitely the spot to be Friday night!

First head to U Sudu Bar, a labyrinth of a bar located in what feels like an underground cave. Although the entrance may seem unassuming, keep walking to the back and you’ll find more and more rooms stretching underground. The vibe is very laid-back and perfect for late nights. With cheap beers and fun bar games, you’ll never want to leave.

That said, though, you probably should, so you can check out the other hip spots in New Town. Head to La Casa de Havana Vieja, an old-style bar that will make you feel like you have been transported to Cuba. Order the tasting of rum and get ready for a wild time.

Finally, once it gets to a proper time in the night (11:30 or midnight) head to Lucerna Music Bar for some popping 80s and 90s tunes. Beloved by locals, this is a great place to dance it out to some amazing throwbacks. Make sure to bring 100 crowns (about $4.50) for the cover.

Getting Wild on a Saturday

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Saturday is a marathon, not a sprint, so start your night off in a chill way at one of Prague’s many amazing beer gardens. Únětický Pivovar is a hip beer garden at the edge of town with a fun set of tables and chairs outside its own brewery which boasts brewing methods hailing from the 16th century.

Other cool options include the Riegrovy Sady Beer Garden (though it gets crowded pretty quickly) and Pivovar Národní.

Once the night gets going, head to Chapeau Rouge in Prague 2, a three-in-one bar and club that boasts different floors all with their own unique vibe. Start off on the first floor, a more laid-back bar, and make your way downstairs for a crazier scene as the night starts flowing.

Ready for a change of scenery? Head to Mecca in Prague 7 for some deep house and techno. Another great club to check out on a Saturday is Retro Music Hall, an electro-house club with banging music and a good party scene.

There you have it! A wonderful itinerary for a long-weekend in Praha. Make sure to bring cash though, as many places in Prague don’t take cards.

With this list at your side, you will have an amazing time exploring and drinking your way through Prague. Want some other insider party tips? Hit up Jubel and find local spots and authentic watering holes to vibe at.

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