10 Global Experiences Every Foodie Should Have

Are you one of those people that believes trying local delights is one of the best ways to get a feel for a new city? Do you hop from cafe to restaurant sampling everything delicious that catches your eye?

We have collected our top ten picks of must-visit destinations for any serious foodie. Let’s have a look at what these top culinary cities around the world have to offer. And be warned, they will make your mouth water!

Have brunch in Melbourne, Australia

The Melbourne brunch scene is not one to miss. Think bearded hipsters in alternative cafes playing vinyl. Smashed avocado piled high on sourdough next to an instagram perfect flat white.

bustling street scene in Melbourne with lots of restaurants

You will understand the usual queue outside Stagger Lees brunch cafe in trendy Fitzroy once you try their Melbourne special with avocado, feta, sprouts and seeds.

However, this isn’t the only thing Melbourne has to offer. Any foodie will be spoilt for choice by the diversity of restaurants available. You can delight in a Korean barbecue, taste the finest Chinese dumplings, or go for 24 hour ramen. Don’t miss an unrivalled Malaysian roti rendang at Malaymas in North Fitzroy. Large Italian and Greek communities have also led to amazing pizza, and souvlaki.

And this is all before tasting the Aussie classic, a kangaroo parma (chicken schnitzel, slice of kangaroo meat and melted cheese).

Try street food in Kolkata (Calcutta), India

chicken egg roll in kolkata india with spice being poured over it

Bustling Kolkata, on the eastern shores of India, has one of the vastest arrays of street food in the whole country. And the cheapest! A great way to save money while travelling!

Take your pick of a curry or two with three (yes three!) steaming hot naans for mere pennies. Don’t forget to try the momos (Tibetan dumplings), pav baji (curried tomato lentils on bread), and gulab jamun (hot sponge balls in syrup).

The real star of the show in this city though are the kathi rolls. A freshly rolled paratha (fried indian bread) with an egg cracked on top. Add tandoori chicken, mutton, or paneer, onions and lime juice, and roll it up like a kebab. And hey presto, you have the reason I couldn’t leave the city for a week!

For mouthwatering rolls try out both streetside restaurants Kusum Rolls and Hot Kathi Rolls on Park Street to see which you prefer.

Go to a bakery in Palermo, Sicily

beautiful sunny street in palermo sicily with people sitting outside

Entering any streetside bakery in Palermo is like heaven for any foodie. Rows of pizza slices, parmigiana (sliced aubergine with parmesan), sicilian sponge cake, and cannoli (sweet ricotta cream filled pastry rolls).

Be sure to try the traditional arancini, deep fried breaded rice balls with a filling of prosciutto ham and melted mozzarella. Delicious!
The bustling Panificio Velardi Bakery, off Via Vittorio Emanuele in the Old City is always packed with locals. There are treats piled high alongside a casual atmosphere.

Grab some Pad Thai in Bangkok, Thailand

man makes pad thai on street in bangkok

The zingy smells and flavors of Thai cuisine go perfectly with the electric energy of Bangkok. Any simple street seller can whip you up an unrivalled pad thai or some crunchy spring rolls.

Som tam mamuang, a green mango and chilli salad is a must. Curry fans will be in heaven with red, green, yellow, massaman, and panang to choose from. Each one is more delicious than the last!

Soi Rambuttri Road is a more relaxed alternative to touristy Khao San Road. It’s packed with delicious eats like Max’s Magical Thai Food. Try any of the small street-side eateries for a reasonably priced but tasty meal.

pad thai in wok being stirred looking tasty

Feast on Falafel in Tel Aviv, Israel

falafels in tel aviv israel covered in cream.jpg

Sit down to eat in Tel Aviv and you can expect an eye popping platter of hummus, falafel, lamb shawarma, breads, and tahini.

For an unforgettable breakfast try shakshuka (eggs scrambled with peppers, tomatoes and coriander), and don’t forget to try baba ganoush (aubergine mixed with tahini, lemon juice, garlic).

For some of the best, and most reasonably priced, crunchy falafel balls in the city check out Falafel Ratzon.

Pick at Pintxos in Bilbao, Spain

nice day with clouds at the guggenheim museum by the canal in Bilabo Spain

The mountainous Basque country in northern Spain is characterised by high quality grilled meats and fish, marmitako (fish stew), lamb stew, cod, Idiazabal sheep's cheese, and bean dishes.

But one of the most exciting experiences for a foodie visiting the region is trying the array of colorful bite-size pintxos or pinchos, that cover the surfaces of any bar or restaurant. Each pintxo sits on a cocktail stick with bread and a variety of toppings, for example quails egg, spanish sausage, anchovy, or spider crab.

Head to Plaza Nueva which is lined with pintxos bars, one of the most popular being the old, ornate Victor Montes.

pintxos laid out on a counter in bilbao spain

Savor steak in Buenos Aires, Argentina

people giving waiter their order in a street side restaurant in Buenos Aires

Argentina is unfortunately not the best place for vegetarians. But meat lovers get ready to have your fill of a real Argentinian asado (barbeque)!

Expect beef, pork, chicken, chorizo, and morcilla cooked to perfection a la parilla (on the grill). Buenos Aires also hosts some of the finest steak restaurants in the world.

Try hidden gem, El Ferroviario, on the outskirts of town, previously the staff cafeteria of Liniers football stadium. The buzzing, welcoming joint, does a great (and huge) mixed grill.

And if steak isn’t your jam, make sure you try the Italian influenced pizza and pasta, empanadas, and sweet alfajores with dulce de leche (biscuits with caramel).


Culinary capital, Tokyo, offers some of the world’s tastiest cuisines.

Don’t miss trying crunchy tempura (deep fried seafood or vegetables in batter), deliciously soft gyoza dumplings or katsu curry (crispy breaded chicken in curry sauce).

Where Japan really shines though, is the extensive range of sushi and sashimi they have to offer. Taste the array of nori seaweed wrapped rice bites with delicately prepared raw fish and seafood.

Sushi Dai, inside the Tsukiji fish market, arguably offers some of Tokyo’s best sushi, but can have queues of up to three hours!

Sample ceviche in Máncora, Peru

ceviche fish and onions cclose up in a plate

A small beach town in northern Peru may not be an obvious choice, but it will certainly surprise any foodie. If you step into any local restaurant, ceviche (raw fish marinated in onion and lemon) comes with almost every meal. And you won’t find quality quite like it anywhere else, as they use the fresh catch of the day.

Rustic and homely, Las Gemelitas restaurant boasts a tasty ceviche. And look out for street stalls selling leche de tigre (the citrus liquid used for marinating ceviche) as a drink!

But the great cuisine doesn’t stop there, try local empanadas (meat pies), lomo saltado (beef sauteed with peppers and onions), taku taku (a rice, beans and chilli blend), and chaufa de pollo (peruvian chinese fusion fried rice).

waves crashing onto rocks on beach with umbrellas in the distance in mancora peru

Taste tacos Mexico City, Mexico

old pink building with green trees hanging over it  in the fashionable Roma neighborhood o Mexico City

Mexico has a rich and exciting culture, from mariachi music to the Day of the Dead festival celebrations. And the buzz of Mexico city goes hand in hand with its vibrant cuisine.

The classic corn tortilla is the base of many of Mexico’s delicacies. The spicy tacos from any street stall will blow you away. Check out the smoky grilled tacos from the standing only joint, Los Parados.

And speaking of tortillas, don’t get me started on enchiladas (with shredded meat), fajitas (meat sauteed with onion and pepper), quesadillas (pressed with cheese), and burritos (meat with rice and guacamole).

Also don’t miss out on a breakfast of chilaquiles (tortilla chips with eggs, chicken, cheese, cream, and beans).

three tacos on a plate with limes in mexico city

So, now I have made you hungry, don’t delay! It’s time to start planning some foodie journeys to these top destinations and more.

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