See Where You Could Go On a Surprise Trip With Jubel 


You may have already heard about our surprise trips, but are nervous to pull the trigger. We get it -- signing up for big surprises and giving up control isn’t easy for certain people. So, we decided to put together a list of some of the many places our surprise trip customers have explored, in order to give you a better idea of what sort of trips Jubel customers have been on and what could be in store for you.

Remember, though, that no two trips are alike as we tailor them exactly to your individual preferences (whether you are going on a surprise trip or not!) Because no two people are exactly alike, no two trips are exactly alike. But we think these will certainly whet your appetite for adventure! 

Hike along the beautiful Iguazu Falls in Argentina

iguazu falls in argentina

One of South America and the world’s natural wonders, Iguazu Falls will leave you awestruck with wonder for the natural beauty of the earth.  You can hike along the falls, explore the nearby forests, or take a boat tour of the falls, all while marveling at its immensity. 

If you open up your envelope to find out you are heading to Argentina with Jubel, you sure are in for a treat! Other possible excursions in Argentina include the lagoons of El Calafate and exploring the cobblestone lanes of Buenos Aires. 

Relax on picture-perfect beaches on the Baja Coast

rocky beach on the baja coast at sunset

Are you looking for a way to kick back and relax while taking in the beautiful scenery? Then Baja could be the place for you. With its exquisite beaches, Baja makes it easy to hop over the border for your little slice of paradise. The laid-back vibe of Loreto will leave you chilled out and relaxed, and the fishing and whale-watching can’t be beat! 

Other surprise trips to Mexico include sampling some of the best food in Oaxaca, checking out hidden Mayan ruins, and embarking on an unreal hike along Copper Canyon. 

Get off the beaten path and sample some of Italy’s popular delicacies

rolling green vineyards in italy

Forget Venice -- if you want to try some of Italy’s best food and wine, it’s time to head down to Chianti, an idyllic region between Florence and Siena. And yes, it is where Chianti wine is famously made. Sample some of the best wine of your life while trying all of the delicacies the Chianti region has to offer. 

Other journeys in Italy include probing the art history of Florence or taking a European alpine road-trip across Italy’s stunning roadside. 

Hike through medieval castles in Croatia

castle on the beach in croatia

Want to see some history all while surrounded by the beautiful blue sea? Then Hvar, Croatia, is the place for you. Bike from medieval castle to medieval castle while the smell from the lavender fields permeates through the air. And don’t forget to check out all the parties Hvar offers at night -- trust us, you won’t be disappointed by this Eastern European gem. 

Explore the bustling markets of Udaipur

fruit and vegetable market in india

A stunning city backgrounded by the Aravalli Ranges, Udaipur is the place for you if you want to explore the bustling bazaars of India all the while immersed in the pristine countryside. Haggle for beautiful jewelry and sarees, and then head to one of Udaipur’s many grand palaces for sunset. This stunning South Asian sight is not to be missed! 

Whether you want to explore nature or discover the bazaars, whether you want to party all night or ponder art at museums all day, your surprise trip will be perfectly tailored to your needs based on our extensive survey and trip-planning experts. Indeed, as our client Josh M., who went to Costa Rica and Mexico on a surprise trip wrote:

“Booked surprise trip. Was 100% what we wanted. Everything from proposal to trip to Jubel Atlas. Let Jubel do it.”

Annie A., who went to Nicaragua with Jubel, agrees.

“The accommodations and activities were absolutely awesome. I was looking for a surprise trip that I didn’t have to plan and that was still similar to what I would plan for myself. Jubel delivered on this.” 

So, if any of these trips piqued your interest, click below to find out more about how to book your next Jubel surprise trip and join Annie and Josh in raving about your last vacation. 

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