How Traveling Can Improve Your Mental Health

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Most people don’t need much to convince them to travel; the allure of a break from day-to-day life and a lust for adventure is often enough. But did you know that traveling provides even more than stunning vistas and lifelong memories? Rather, more and more psychologists and other trained experts are speaking out to applaud the positive psychological benefits of globe-trotting.

Curious to learn more about how traveling can improve your mental health and happiness? Read on to see exactly what travel can do for you!

Travel improves your mental cognition and faculties

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Yes, you read that right. You literally get smarter when you travel. According to Doctor Jean Kim, traveling “disrupts your routine and introduces novelty to your brain, which improves cognition and helps reactivate reward circuits.”

Therefore, when you are getting lost in a new city or navigating the challenges of being in a non-English speaking country, you are improving your mental cognition, which can come with increased neuroplasticity and creativity.

So what are you waiting for? Hop on a plane and get those creative juices flowing.

Traveling can enhance mood and alleviate symptoms of depression

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Some of the most groundbreaking scientific research these days is proving again and again that reconnecting with nature is one of the easiest ways to improve your mental health.

By incorporating green spaces into your life, you can easily uplift your mental health and happiness.

Traveling is a great way to see new and beautiful spaces, from the stunning vistas of Gosaikunda, Nepal to the lush lakes of the Azores, getting out of your usual urban environment and immersing yourself in green spaces will leave you feeling centered and smiling.

Traveling increases your self-confidence

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When you are placed into an unfamiliar situation, it forces you to get out of your comfort zone and into your “learning zone,” a place where you have to draw upon yourself to navigate challenges and face obstacles.

Traveling to a new place is the quintessential unfamiliar situation, with new sights, customs, and even languages. You will have to interact with strangers, route a new city, and try new foods.

Being placed into a situation which requires this sort of self-reliance naturally increases your confidence. By the time you head back home after your travels, you will be ready to tackle whatever life throws at you!

Traveling decreases your daily stress

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In today’s world, we are constantly stressed out, be it by work, school, or relationships. Traveling removes you from your quotidian routine and breaks the cycle of your daily stressors, thereby giving you time to decompress and revitalize.

Indeed, in a randomized controlled trial, the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that even a four-day vacation drastically improved the stress-levels of workers and increased their well-being.

It seems like travel is the best medicine of all!

Traveling provides an instant mindfulness exercise

staring out the window of a helicopter at the sea and cliffside below

You may not meditate regularly or practice yoga on the daily, but no worries -- traveling can actually provide the same mindfulness benefits as those activities, with little added effort.

As psychologist Dr. Jennifer Gentile has noted, when you are traveling and out of your daily routine, you are much more attuned to your physical surroundings, be it the light-blue gleam of the ocean in Raja Ampat or the cobblestone paths of Valletta.

Just walking and taking in the sights is a powerful mindfulness exercise that can relieve stress, improve physical ailments, and enhance your well-being.

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So there you have it! Traveling provides you with way more than a cute Instagram photo. Rather, it can literally rewire your brain to create a healthier, happier, and more confident you.

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