Honeymoon Destinations for Every Type of Couple

So you’re engaged...congrats! Now there’s your honeymoon to look forward to, where are you thinking of going?

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Usually your honeymoon is the first real big thing you do as a married couple. So what now?

Honeymooners are now opting to skip the fancy all inclusive resorts in favor of adventure.


Priorities have shifted. Sure, drinking daiquiris by a pool is relaxing and pleasant, but horizons have been broadened and it’s hard to go back to tunnel vision. When you know how much is out there and how attainable so many experiences can be, the traditional honeymoon can seem a little less enticing. A desire to take your money as far as it can go, a craving for unique activities, an ecological sensibility, a wish for excitement, and the sheer evolution of the travel world all play a part in honeymooners’ picks today.

You did the hard part, you found the person, now it’s time to discover the type of adventure that will leave you both with unforgettable memories.

Active Nature

The thrill of the moment inspires you both. You thrive on the edge of a cliff, on a surf break, or exploring the darkness at the end of the tunnel. Your perfect date is full of exciting activities and staying on the couch is never on the table.  You’re quite the daredevil duo.

New Zealand

amazing purple stars visible in New Zealand by the rocks

Looking for a one-stop shop kind of honeymoon? Head to Queenstown! Hiking, mountain biking, bungy jumping, white water rafting and so much more is readily available in the city. What’s more spectacular for a honeymoon than seeing the Eighth Wonder of the World? Milford Sound will take your breath away with its snow-capped mountains and dramatic falls. They say you shouldn’t go chasing waterfalls… but sometimes it’s really worth it.

Hiking a glacier after being dropped from a helicopter? Absolutely possible. Getting up close and personal with Giant Sperm Whales and dolphins? What more could you want?

Think you fit in with the Culturists too? New Zealand might still be a good option. Head to Rotorua to learn more about the Māoris and maybe hop in a thermal pool. Hobbiton can also be romantic, if that’s your thing, but for the more traditional of us, the wineries are always lovely.


glacier with beautiful mountain backdrop in Patagonia

Does spending your honeymoon at the end of the world entice you? This is the closest to romance that you can get in Antarctica. Pick your side: Chile or Argentina. Or both really. Los Glaciares National Park on the Argentinian side and Torres Del Paine National Park for the Chileans.

Cerro Castillo, Exploradores Glacier, Tronador, Fitz Roy, Refugio Frey, the Huemul Circuit and The Torres are just a few of the treks you can do in this amazingly beautiful place.

Glaciers, icebergs, forests, snow-capped mountains and amazing terrain make Patagonia a dream come true for any active traveller. And really, except Jack and Rose, who says no to an iceberg?

If active nature isn’t really your style, head over to Mendoza in Argentina for the wines, Bariloche for snow-capped mountains in a relaxing environment complete with amazing chocolates, or why not Buenos Aires for some great partying? This South American beauty has it all.


You’re a couple of modern day time travelers looking for your next stop in history. You seek destinations with a remarkable past, ancient traditions, unique festivals, striking art, and delicious gastronomy. You’re looking to make memories in places where thousands have been made before.


mosque with sun behind it with palm trees in india

Your first stop has to be the Taj Mahal, preferably at sunrise if you want to avoid the crowds. This is the top attraction in India, and for good reason, it is spectacular. Ever wanted to feel like royalty? Jaipur is home to princes and princesses, elephants and jewels. Considered one of the most romantic destinations not only in India, but all of South Asia, Udaipur, is great for honeymooners. And who doesn’t love a good UNESCO World Heritage Site? Ajanta and Ellora Caves date between the 6th and 11th centuries AD. Now that’s what I call history.

On top of that, if you plan it just right, you might be able to catch the most colorful festival in the world: Holi.

If cultural wonders aren’t quite your be-all-end-all and you still need to feel the salt in the breeze, look no further than the Andaman Islands. Or you could go to Goa, the most well-rounded place you can visit in India. There’s partying, adventure, nature, plenty of cultural wonders and it’s all by the sea!


historic building in mexico city during sunset

While Mexico might not be that unusual of a destination for some, it’s rich culture is often glazed over by spring breakers and other party-goers. Cancun is great to have a tequila-infused blast, but there’s so much more to see in Mexico.

Want to combine amazing beaches with Mayan ruins? Head to Tulum. Also in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mérida will check all your boxes. A vibrant city with amazing food, architecture, museums and so much more! While you’re there, do take a quick day trip to Izamal, the sunny yellow city.

If the crowds that gather in Chichen Itza don’t appeal to you, head over to Palenque, where Mayan ruins are hidden in the jungle and surrounded by waterfalls. To truly get off the beaten path, try Yaxchilán or Bonampak, some of Mexico and Central America’s most spectacular sights.

Mexico City used to get a bad rep, but things have changed and the city is well worth the culture-infused trip.

Honeymooners might’ve already been flooding the country’s resorts, but there is so much more to be discovered in this lively country.

Chill Nature

Nature is at the heart of your relationship. Running water is music to your ears, shooting stars are fireworks to your eyes, and the bare earth beneath your feet is your sacred home. Isn’t honeymooning the perfect time to find yourself in your very own refuge?

The Azores

waterfall coming down in forest in the azores portugal

Island culture mixed with the Portuguese lifestyle? This is the place for it. Fishing villages, amazing cuisine and lovely people all find themselves on this Western European piece of paradise.

Want to finally give paddle boarding a try? This is the place!. The boating, kayaking and diving here are all world class. Going out on the Atlantic might also incur some wildlife encounters: many whales favor the Azores.

Now, step away from the water! Trekking is one of the top things you can do on the islands. The lakes and craters of Sete Cidades make for the best vistas. If you’re up for a slightly harder hike, Pico Mountain, the tallest in Portugal, is a challenge well worth taking on.

And the cherry on top of all these amazing hikes is being able to hop into a natural hot spring and relax with your travel (and life) companion. Poça da Dona Beija and Terra Nostra Park are great spots for a dip.


woman solo wandering along the desert in Oman

This Middle Eastern Arab country has nature like you’ve never seen before. Muscat, Oman’s capital, is a natural and architectural marvel. Not far, Bimmah sinkhole, with its crystal blue waters and rocky formations, will make you feel like you’ve stepped out on a new planet.

When you think of Oman, most people picture a desert. If that’s what you want, the sands of Rub’ Al Khali are where it’s at. The largest contiguous desert in the world is the best place to get some privacy. While desert scenery is part of Oman’s charm, there’s plenty of greenery as well. Head to Wadi Bani Khalid to see the embodiment of an oasis.

What better way to finish off a honeymoon than some star-gazing? What’s more romantic than that? Al Sharqiya is known to be one of the best places to camp out and look up.

If pristine nature isn’t enough, there’s plenty of beaches and history to keep you busy as well.


Long walks on the beach are your ideal date. Turquoise waters and powdery sands are your happy place. Whether it be an idyllic island, rocky coastline, or virgin beach, you’re at home in the water, together.


wooden boat on an island shore in zanzibar tanzania

Let’s be real here, there are a lot of amazing beach destinations out there. Sometimes, stepping out of the mold brings you to great places. Tanzania is one of those places.

As an ocean-lover, you might want to skip Mt. Kilimanjaro and head straight to Zanzibar. While Stone Town is a blast and the Arabic architecture is mesmerizing, it’s the beaches that really make this a top destination. The diving is the best in all of the African west coast, the beaches are white, fine and gorgeous and the locals tie it all together.

Want somewhere even more off-the-radar? Mafia Island sees less than a thousand tourists per year. The nature and culture of this marine park is unspoiled. Whale sharks are just one of the many species you might encounter in this wildlife haven.

For a bit of a cheat, Lake Manyara is also worth a gander. Who doesn’t like pink flamingos? And while you’re at it, why not go on a safari? You can find the big five in Tanzania: elephants, buffalos, rhinos, lions and leopards. Now that’s a wild honeymoon!


famous shipwreck on zakynthos beach in greece

Some Greek islands get all the love, while others are severely underrated. Yes, Santorini is an incredibly romantic destination, but it sure isn’t the only one.

Where do the Greek honeymooners go to play? Milos Island. Milos has it all: bleached white buildings, volcanic charm and the best beaches.

Want a bit of snorkeling? Head to Zakynthos, home to plenty of sea turtles. Have you ever heard people gushing about Crete? Well they were right. Head on to Balos beach where the crystal clear waters of the lagoons will allow you to glimpse the underwater world like you’ve never witnessed it before.

There’s something for the Party Purist and the Culturist here as well. Athens is the perfect spot for both a celebration and a study of all things past.

Party Purist

You are a couple of party animals, free-spirited, and young at heart. You crave destinations were you will never be bored. Chances are your wedding reception went on pretty late (or early) and your honeymoon is the perfect time for an encore.

Hong Kong

street scene with decadent signs in hong kong

Three words: Lan Kwai Fong. It’s East Asia’s party-central. From karaoke bars, to clubs, to pubs, to anything you can think of! This small area has about a hundred bars and it’s quite simply the best place to bar hop! If you go to Hong Kong and skip this Central hotspot, you’re not doing it right. Knutsford Terrace, SoHo and Wan Chai also know how to hold their own.

Pre or post partying, Kowloon hits the spot. The Temple Street Night Market is full of knick knacks and more importantly, street food. Whether you grab a bite to fuel the night or to stave off tomorrow’s hangover, this night market is the place to be.

Did you know horse races were a big thing in Hong Kong? Well they are, and they can get rowdy. Happy Valley Racecourse is home to punters from all over the world and the electric ambiance makes it quite an experience.

If you think Hong Kong is too much of a concrete jungle for you, head over to Dragon’s Back where a quick hike will fulfill all your nature needs.


colorful street in colonial cartagena colombia

Colombia knows a thing or two about parties.

Cartagena, out on the Caribbean coast, is where you should be. Follow the sound of the beat and we promise you won’t get bored. Need a little something to replenish your strength? Plaza la Trinidad is packed full with street food vendors.

Marry the Oceanist and the Party Purist with a stop on Isla Baru. Playa Blanca, one of the whitest beaches in of all of Cartagena, has blue waters and plenty of refreshments to keep everyone happy, no matter your travel style.

If you’re more of a nature-lover, make your way to Tayrona National Park. If it’s the ocean you need, San Andrés Island is the place for you in Colombia. If it’s history you crave, Bogotá and Medellín will absolutely satisfy you and you can definitely have a ball in both of these cities!


So whatever your style, you’ve found someone to spend forever with, now it’s time to find someplace to spend a week or two of your very own type of (marital) bliss.

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