A Bite-Sized Guide to London’s Food Scene

How to Eat Your Way Through The Cosmopolitan City

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If the phrase “British food” only evokes images of mashed peas, English breakfast, and fish and chips, you sure have a surprise waiting for you when you touch down in London town.

London, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, is home to an array of rich culinary traditions stemming from its cultural diversity. From South Asian curry houses to South African braai stops, there is something for every palate in London. So, why not spend some time eating your way through this beautiful city?

Sample some of the South Asian dishes that made the London dining scene famous

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The British foreign secretary in 2001 declared that Chicken Tikka Masala was a true national dish of Britain. Head over to East London and that certainly seems like the case. On Brick Lane, you’ll find a slew of cheap Bangladeshi curry houses offering a fixed-price meal that generally includes an appetizer, a main, and wine.

Other popular options include the Punjabi institution Tayyabs and the Lahore Kebab House in Whitechapel.

Then, head northwest to a staple all-you-can-eat vegetarian restaurant, Ravishankar Bhel Poori. With an incredible array of choices, you definitely won’t leave this place hungry.

Looking for something a little more high-end? Veeraswamy, the oldest Indian restaurant in London, is still serving the same delicious mulligatawny soup that it did when it opened in 1926. This restaurant, which has received a Michelin star, is a favorite of critics and laypeople alike.

Check out some trendy vegetarian and vegan food that is so good you won’t even miss the meat

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London recently topped Tel Aviv and Berlin as the vegan capital of the world. And that moniker sure holds true, with seemingly every restaurant offering a vegan take on an omnivorous classic.

Head to Camden for some delicious vegan treats, with Purezza serving up artisanal pizza (and don’t forget the vegan mac and cheese that tastes like an elevated Kraft packet). In Camden, you can also find the fan-favorite Young Vegans Pie Shop, with insanely good savory pies, sides like mac and cheese and mash, and mouth-watering vegan desserts.

Then walk to Temple of Seitan along the canal near King’s Cross (with another location in East London) for some fried “chicken,” as well as creative burgers, desserts, and sides (again, don’t skip the ooey-gooey mac and cheese they serve up here).

Want something a little more vegetable-forward? Check out Mildreds, with locations in King’s Cross, Soho, and Camden. Their creative vegetable dishes, like the Carribean jerk tofu and the red dragon stir fry, will leave you feeling sated yet healthful.

Explore London’s many food markets and food halls throughout the city

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London is known for its many food markets scattered throughout the city. And with many choices in one locale, these markets provide something for the whole family.

Head to Old Spitalfields Market, which boasts over 40 food and drink stands, including shops hawking Taiwanese, Peruvian, and Ethiopian food.

Then hop on the tube to Greenwich (home of the famous Greenwich Mean Time) to visit their eponymous market, the only historic market within a World Heritage Site.

Try indulgent (perhaps even sinful) brownies at the Bad Brownie stand, sample some Brazilian churros, and nosh on some elevated ramen at the Pimp My Ramen shop.

Other famous markets worth checking out in London include Brockley Market in Southeast London, Market Hall in Victoria, and Vinegar Yard in London Bridge.

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