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Wonderful perks do not seldom go hand in hand with little recognition, and Uruguay gives the best example. Hugged by Brazil and Argentina, this small South American nation is a bit of an underdog that lets you explore Latin America off-the-beaten-path.

From the southern Río de la Plata River, the widest river in the world, all the way to the Brazilian border in the Northeast, Uruguay’s coastline is framed with beaches covering everything from high-end resort towns to secluded natural reserves perfect for stargazing, thanks to the little infrastructure available. Delve into Uruguay’s bustling capital, Montevideo, or dance the night away in Punta del Este. Hit the surf at Brava Beach and come face-to-face with “The Hand,” a giant sculpture of five fingers reaching out from the sand.

With a number of festivals and an ever-vibrant nightlife, Uruguay’s cities offer a distinct display of traditional culture and colonial architecture mixed with art deco buildings. Once you’re yearning to get away from it all, look no further than Uruguay’s remote countryside where cows and gauchos engage in the traditional style while you find yourself in places so remote that you won’t encounter a soul for miles. Explore the Cabo Polonio National Park for impressive wildlife encounters, relax in the hot springs up the Río Uruguay, and recharge your batteries thanks to the country’s meat-and-seafood-fueled cuisine, along with interesting wineries. Generally slow-paced and tranquil, Uruguay, its landscape and its people are balm for the soul.

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The Spectacular Southern Cone (11 days)

Recognized worldwide for its traditional gastronomy, classical architecture, vast landscapes, and vibrant culture, Argentina offers visitors an unforgettable experience. Whether you choose to spend your days discovering Buenos Aires' many neighborhoods, each with their own unique vibes, or marveling at the country's biggest treasures in Iguazú Falls, Argentina is sure to leave you wanting more.

Afterwards, end your trip with some sun and sand filled days in Uruguay, South America's premier beach destination. This little country will surely stun you, with its gorgeous beaches and laid back vibe.

Budget Starting From: $1,000 pp

Comfortable Starting From: $2,000 pp

Luxury Starting From: $4,500 pp

South American Adventure (14 days)

This journey will take you through cultural epicenters, along windy hills, incredible waterfalls, empty beaches, and bustling capital cities. Colorful houses will invite you to discover a culture like it doesn't exist in Europe, you will taste mouth-watering cuisine and talk to the friendliest locals you can imagine.

Enjoy calm weathers, beaches, and sunshine, as well as ice and the cold and immerse yourself in a very unique culture. No matter the pace or activities you chose, this trip will leave you awe-struck and wanting to come back for more.

(*please ignore pricing at the bottom of the itinerary - all trips can be completely customized to your budget and preferences.)

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