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Four official languages, cosmopolitan cities, dramatic Alpine peaks, fairytale castles and lakes that make for postcard-perfect pictures at every turn. Variety is the spice of life in Switzerland!

Located in Central Europe, the relatively small nation of Switzerland certainly knows how to set itself apart from the rest of Europe. Take a look at the network of roads that connect remote towns, high-end resort villages and urban cities, and know that the stunning relation between nature and mankind transcends the concept of mere coexistence. In fact, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that adventure sports and outdoor activities are spelled in capital letters here. Want to conquer the massive Alps? Here’s a pair of skis, there’s a rope for climbing and abseiling. Jump aboard a raft to tackle white water rivers, take in the bird’s eye view of Switzerland’s sceneries while riding in a hot air balloon, or taste ultimate freedom while parachuting. With endless options, Switzerland knows how to give even the most experienced adventurers the adrenaline rush of their lifetime.

Whether you drive on your own or hop aboard the scenic Glacier Express, Switzerland is sure to surprise you at every turn. Despite seasonal road closures for safety purposes, Switzerland is highly accessible and promises breathtaking views year-round. Add in an authentic mix of rural traditions, including folkloric fairs, markets, and alp-horn concerts, and you get the picture-perfect impression of Switzerland’s unique countryside.

Still, your Swiss explorations don’t end here. Head to the capital, Bern, to explore its medieval old town and modern art, delve into the vibrant spirit of world-renowned Zürich, and marvel at Europe’s largest lake while visiting Geneva. From the preservation of its cultural heritage to the cleanliness of its landscapes; from its world-class chocolate to its gooey cheese; from Swiss army knives to luxury watches, Switzerland knows what’s good and worthy, meaning “Swiss-made” comes at a price.

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