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Sri Lanka is 2000 years of culture. For a little island country, it is positively brimming with awe-inspiring UNESCO World Heritage Sites that include ancient and sacred cities, temples, an extremely biodiverse forest, and the country’s stunning central highlands. The mesh of ruins, beaches, tea plantations and ancient civilizations, and the allure of exotic rainforest flora and fauna form an amusement park of spectacular sites. The culture in Sri Lanka is opulent, its old-world innovation permeates through its modern-day civilization via highly preserved ancient sites and temples and Buddhist and Hindu traditional values.

Venture out into the wonders of Sri Lanka and make friends with gentle giants at elephant sanctuaries, travel by train to the peaceful village of Ella, Tangalla for vast golden beaches, and view the archaeological vibrancy of Anuradhapura. Feast on an arsenal of exciting and creative curries and rice dishes using tropical ingredients such as coconut and jackfruit. Grab a kottu roti (crispy flatbread) at a rowdy local market, a wholesome fish ambul thiyal (sour fish curry), or a sensational wambatu moji (candied eggplant pickle) to fuel your adventure.

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The Resplendent Isle (10 days)

Here we’ll take you to explore a lush tropical region with nothing below it but a huge expanse of ocean. Visit fifth century fortresses, learn how tea is made and explore gorgeous country side villages. Have the chance to enjoy water safaris where you can spot countless herds of elephants, leopards and other rare wildlife, as well as meeting local cultures. Immerse yourself in the wild natural landscapes of Sri Lanka and fall in love with the magic of this vibrant country.

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