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Bhutan is an untouched wonder cuddled up next to the Himalayas, said to be the last surviving Himalayan kingdom. It uncovers a heavily protected Buddhist culture that welcomes the “outside world” and recent progress with open arms. This preserved, landlocked country is an unexpectedly expensive travel destination, as visitors pay a minimum tariff of $250 USD a day, all-inclusive of a guide, food, transport, and accommodation (as independent travel is not allowed). However, the storybook allure of the country’s landscapes and intricate ancient monasteries are more than enough to entice even the ultra-skeptical. The little country of Bhutan is otherworldly, with hillsides punctured with blue poppies, pristine forests, and snow-capped mountains setting the scene for the only carbon-negative place in the world. It is also alien in practice, determining progress as the country’s social and spiritual health, disregarding the use of traffic lights, and enforcing a ban on plastic.

Although Bhutan can appear medieval in some ways, this serene abode is a wonderland for trekking, textiles and handicrafts, cultural and religious festivals, birdwatching, and those simply wanting to be transported into another world.

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