At just 3 months old, Albert took his first trans-Atlantic flight from the East coast of the U.S. to meet his grandparents in Northern Ireland. This was shortly followed by an epic series of flights to the Philippines, where his family was moving to, thus beginning a life filled with travel. Today, Albert has traveled to 94 countries and independent territories and has lived in 7 - the United States, Philippines, England, Bangladesh, Jordan, Italy, and Morocco.

During Albert’s Peace Corps Service in Madaba, Jordan, he began to learn about the social and economic impact that tourism has on local communities in developing countries. The subject fascinated him and he furthered his knowledge with a post-graduate degree at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London. Today, Albert’s expertise in the role tourism plays in communities influences the way he travels. Several years ago, he began blogging about responsible and sustainable travel to help others see how travel should be more than a simple vacation, but an opportunity to have a positive social and economic impact on the communities we visit.

Albert is happiest when he’s planning adventurous or off the beaten path trips. So much so, he started his own travel advisory business several years ago, creating tailor-made tours around the world. At Jubel, Albert utilizes his industry knowledge and lifetime of travel experiences to craft cutting-edge trips for his clients.



Tommy and Christina K.

“Albert gave us all the pieces to build a fantastic travel experience, you just have to put it together...and pack. He provided a comprehensive service with essential information regarding the city of interest, recommendations on travel logistics, where to stay, what to see, and what to eat.”


Kim M.

“I loved having a great menu of options tailored to my interests laid out for me in advance of my trip to help me choose how to best spend my time.”


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