The jubel experience


Once upon a time, travelers would embark on epic expeditions where maps served as mere suggestions, sea monsters roamed the oceans, and entire civilizations lay unknown. In those times, journeys turned travelers into heroes and stories into legends. The world back then was an unknown and mysterious place, waiting to be explored by the brave and the bold.

Jubel puts mystery and adventure back into travel. Whether you are a beginner or a discerning traveler, our Journeys provide a refreshing new way to discover the world.

This Is Your Journey

Forget the prepackaged trips and predictable group tours. Own your experience by choosing your crew and preferences, then we’ll take care of crafting a journey in line with everything you seek.

Our Resources at Your Fingertips

All our destinations have been carefully selected under our team’s expertise and expansive on-the-ground knowledge. We assess every possible travel alternative to ensure your destinations are best suited to you. Depending on your profile, we create a balance of lesser known gems and can’t miss, renowned sights. All our accommodations, ranging from budget to world class luxury, are vetted to provide local character, unique settings, tasteful design, and appropriate comfort. As a travel agency we often have access to restricted rooms when accommodations appear as sold out. Utilizing our experience with industry loopholes and discounts, as well as partnerships that offer perks and upgrades, we will ensure that you are getting the absolute best value for your money.


Get it right the first time; let us put in the hard time required for the particulars of trip planning. Your travels will be stress-free (as they are meant to be) because we are here to ensure it all goes smoothly; supplying you with all necessary travel tips, hacks, and vital information relevant to your Journey. Save countless hours of research by not worrying about what must be booked in advance, finding tried and tested local providers, ending up somewhere during the rainy season, avoiding tourist traps, or complicated travel logistics - we handle all of that!

The Jubel Atlas

We give you the freedom to set your own pace and not be constrained to a daily itinerary. We don’t like hand holding; knowing exactly what your next step will be sets you up for a boringly forced experience. Instead we provide timely suggestions on how to best take advantage of the place you’ve landed for its duration. Once you are set up, we’ll give you a list of handpicked recommendations including restaurants, sights, nightlife and day trips, never overwhelming you with too many options. Our local insight ensures that you are plugged in and in-the-know at each destination, pointing you to seasonal celebrations, events, and trendy locales.  Make time for what you are most interested in, this is your adventure after all.

Authentic Adventure*

With today’s globalization, stumbling upon truly uncharted territory is a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t step into the unknown. Stop ruining your vacations by googling the delight away. Over-researching when planning a trip sets high expectations that may lead to disappointment, diminishing the chance to be awestruck by your destination. The element of surprise, on the other hand, does wonders for your brain as it forces your attention to the present - providing a more invigorating experience. Studies show that leaving room for surprise intensifies your emotions and increases dopamine levels, staving off negative feelings and reducing anxiety.

Your Safety Net

Jubel is your safety net in case unexpected events like cancelled flights and natural disasters strike. Our team of experts are here to help you with anything you may need 24/7 and we’ll work to make any changes at no extra charge whenever possible. We’ll also share common best practices and precautions so that you can safely enjoy your adventure and avoid any pitfalls.

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