Value in a jubel experience


Once upon a time, travelers would embark on epic expeditions where maps served as mere suggestions, sea monsters roamed the oceans, and entire civilizations lay unknown. In those times, journeys turned travelers into heroes and stories into legends. The world back then was an unknown and mysterious place, waiting to be explored by the brave and the bold.

Jubel puts mystery and adventure back into travel. Whether you are a beginner or a discerning traveler, our Journeys provide a refreshing new way to discover the world.

Problems Behind Alternative Travel

Overwhelming number of options

  • Alternative travel refers to every corner of the world that mainstream tourism isn't talking about. This equates to thousands of options within every destination.
  • Many of these unknown places are not worth paying to go to, but there are indeed a few priceless gems. Trying to sort out the latter from the bunch is an extremely time consuming and costly task.

Information available is unreliable  

  • Trusted sources have not published articles on these destinations yet, otherwise, a flood of tourists would already be there spoiling the magic.
  • The only information on these places comes from sources not concerned with filtering practical quality destinations. Most of these are small independent bloggers and travel threads.

Both of the above points make you run the risk of travelling to a place that isn't worthwhile.

Jubel's diligent research solves this problem

With our expertise and expansive on-the-ground knowledge, we assess every possible travel alternative to ensure your destinations are the best suited to you. Depending on your profile, we create a balance of lesser known gems and can’t miss, renowned sights. Travelling with Jubel is hassle-free: don’t worry about knowing what must be booked in advance, finding tried and tested local providers, ending up somewhere during their rainy season, avoiding tourist traps, or travel logistics - we handle all that!

the Adventure in mystery*

  • You will feel awesome. Humans are hardwired to enjoy surprising experiences. FMRI research shows that our brain releases more dopamine when reacting to surprising stimuli compared to stimuli we already expect
  • Dopamine is a chemical that does wonders for our brains, including stave off bad feelings. Not only that however, surprises also build a tolerance for uncertainty, which in turn reduces anxiety
  • If all of this wasn't enough, you will feel more excited, happier, and have more fun because research shows that surprises intensify our emotions by about 400%
  • Jubel's unique destinations are awe inspiring, creating a type of sensation only experienced when you find something impressive or powerful. According to a study from the University of California Berkeley, awe reduces our levels of interleukin-6 (il-6), a chemical that promotes inflammation. Not only is the feeling of awe healthy, but it’s also proven to slow down our feeling of time and make us more helpful to others
  • You will live fully in every surprising moment because surprise demands that we pay attention to whatever stimuli is surprising us, in part because we don’t know what it is. By forcing our attention, surprise makes us live in the present

your very own journey

Forget the prepackaged trips and predictable group tours. Own your experience by choosing your crew and preferences, then we’ll take care of crafting a journey in line with everything you seek.

set your own pace

We give you the freedom to set your own pace and not be constrained to a daily itinerary. We don’t like hand holding; knowing exactly what your next step will be sets you up for a boringly forced experience. What we do give you are timely suggestions on how to best take advantage of the place you’ve landed for its duration. Make time for what you are most interested in, this is your adventure after all.

the jubel filter

Curating the world is our passion. We hand-pick boutique accommodations and experiences for you in unique settings that are rich with local character, which contribute to a more authentic Journey. After accepting our proposal, we’ll provide you with a list of select recommendations including restaurants, sights, nightlife and day trips, never overwhelming you with too many options. Our local insight ensures that you are plugged in and in-the-know at each destination, pointing you to seasonal celebrations, events, and trendy locales.  


Let us put in the hard time required for the particulars of trip planning. Your vacation will be stress-free (as it is meant to be) because we are here to ensure your travels go smoothly; supplying you with all necessary travel tips, hacks, and vital information relevant to your Journey. You can rest easy knowing that our reliable Team will be available for backup and support in case your plans must change due to events out of your control.

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