Experience Indochina's Magic

Indochina has an overwhelming amount of cultural diversity and natural wealth perfect for any type of traveller looking for a unique adventure. This region is the empire of temples, where thousands of ancient sacred constructions rise from the ground and melt into the landscape. These are the remnants of the Khmer empire, which ruled much of the region and built unrivaled monuments in Cambodia, the first glimpse of Angkor Wat will surely leave even the most jaded traveller absolutely speechless. 

Venturing into Myanmar is a surreal journey back in time to 1910, where you can experience the unchanged rural lifestyle of its 100 unique ethnic groups for a truly unique experience. Only recently opened to tourism, Myanmar will surely take you back to the basics as it hasn’t been overwhelmed by western fashion, traditional attire is worn and transport is still by horse and cart. 

The unique and varied cuisines of the region will make you fantasize about coming back long after you are gone, especially the Thai and Vietnamese. The gastronomy in these countries reflects its own diverse cultures as it is generous, warm, fresh, and relaxed. From Chinese influences from the north and spices from the south, experiencing the food here is worth a trip in itself. 

Indochina´s natural wealth provides great opportunities to explore its jungles, meet its varied wildlife, and experience the rhythm of rural life. Also, with an incredibly long coastline, the azure colored and jungle topped beaches will provide a beautiful setting for a well deserved R&R. The coastline´s activities are varied too, with luxury spas, good surfing, excellent diving, kiteboarding, and partying day and night, there is surely something perfect for anyone that craves these pristine coasts. 

Minimum Days: 10

Minimum Cost (pp): 1,000 USD

Offered Yearound