Wild Kenya & Tanzania

When Africa comes to mind you are probably thinking of Kenya and Tanzania. They are the savanna plain with a lone acacia disrupting the infinite horizon, the snow capped mountain surrounded by harsh desert, the lush vegetation contrasting with caribbean-like beaches, dense forests, deep canyons, and spectacular wildlife. Kenia and Tanzania without a doubt embody the essence of all the great things we expect from their amazing continent.  

The wildlife present in these countries is literally epic, bar none. From the great migration, big cats, millions of flamingos, and chimpanzees, this is the last great wilderness where many endangered creatures survive. It doesn't stop there though, expect to witness nature at its best surrounded by the shadows of Mt. Kilimanjaro, alongside ancient captivating cultures, and relaxing by idyllic paradise beaches. Adventure is waiting to be found, but what are you waiting for?

Minimum Days: 10

Minimum Cost (pp): 2,000 USD

Offered Yearound