Mysterious Central Asia

Central Asia is hands down the most underrated part of the world, join the few avid travelers that have ventured into this vast stretch of land, brimming with rich culture and amazing natural treasures. With a reputation for insatiable hospitality, locals will be keen to show their culture and heritage by hosting you in traditional homestays in yurts and photogenic villages. Tajikistan will test the most adventurous souls with its natural playground of beautiful and breathtaking proportions, hardy climbers and trekkers will surely feel challenged!

Uzbekistan, the region´s cradle of culture for thousands of years, will surprise and intrigue even the most jaded travelers. Central in the history of the Silk Road, this region has erected a colorful array of cities, fortresses, mosques, and mausoleums. 

Finally Kyrgyzstan’s mountains will enchant with its beautifully isolated air. Everything here feels pure, pristine, and untouched. However, in perfect harmony with their surroundings, semi-nomadic shepherd cultures bring these mountains alive and root their unique culture to the earth they have dwelled for thousands of years. 

Be mesmerized by the magic of Central Asia and get ready to understand what travel was always meant to be.

Minimum Days: 14

Minimum Cost (pp): 2,000 USD

Offered Yearound