Unknown Papua New Guinea

Virtually untouched by the modern world Papua New Guinea is truly the last greatest frontier of adventure travel. Dive into the unknown to discover ancient wrecks, pristine coral atolls, 4500 meter mountains, and dense rainforest with unique indigenous wildlife. Such natural diversity can only be rivalled by the people themselves which are as varied and breathtaking as the scenery that envelops them. 

With over 700 known spoken languages, Papua New Guinea has one of the most diverse populations on earth with cultures that developed in virtual isolation for thousands of years. Experience the colourful body adornments and the ceremonial decorative carving of the Sepik Region, all of which are enjoyed thanks to the people’s genuine openness and hospitality. 

Travelling here is a challenge, with virtually no tourism infrastructure nothing is contrived for tourists, but this is exactly the beautiful magic of Papua New Guinea, because every experience is authentic. Are you ready to create the story of a lifetime? 

Minimum Days: 10

Minimum Cost (pp): 3,000 USD

Offered Yearound