Epic Trans-Siberian-Railway Adventure

Epic falls short when describing the Trans-Siberian railway journey from Moscow to the pacific coasts of Asia. The mother of all rail journeys, every other one pales in comparison. Spanning from Moscow and European Russia, the railway stretches across seven time zones connecting both modern metropolises and forgotten villages, as well as awe-inspiring landscapes. 

The cultural experience aboard the train will be extremely rich and rewarding. Your friendly fellow passengers will quickly become your buddies and you will find yourself playing boardgames, talking, and sipping vodka with Russians, Chinese, and Mongolians in a cultural exchange many people could only dream of. 

The options for exploration are endless off the train. There are three main routes all starting from Moscow and ending either at the Russian port of Vladivostok deep in Siberia, or Beijing with the chance of crossing Mongolia. All three routes pass through the beautiful Ural Mountains and the heart of Siberia where you can take an icy plunge in Lake Baikal, the deepest in the world. From there you can choose to ride with nomads across the Mongolian steppes or choose to explore the most remote and stunning landscapes of Siberia. 

Piercing snow, sunny steppe, endless desert, and the Great Wall of China - The Trans-Siberian route stitches incredible landscapes, diverse cultures, and over 9,000 kilometres of rail into the adventure of a lifetime. 

Minimum Days: 15

Minimum Cost (pp): 3,000 USD

Offered May through December