REALLY good job in listening to what we wanted and delivering what we had asked for. Even though there are things that come up on a trip along the way that are unexpected, that is the whole point of working with a company like Jubel - the unexpected and spontaneous, and you delivered on that very well. Customer service was excellent - timely and tailored.

                                                                           - Seema Patel  

The element of surprise is great. I’m not necessarily a person who loves not knowing what’s coming next, but Jubel made sure all the bases were covered so there was very little to worry about. The feeling of adventure was quite strong.

- Ethan Goldman

Best trip of my life! I have traveled around the world and nothing compared to my trip with Jubel. Visited one of the most exotic places in the world. I would never had planned to go there myself. Looking forward to hopefully use Jubel again on my next adventure. Gracias!

- Inigo Rumayor


Mama Ruisa was a great choice. Very unique setting versus the typical hotel scene we usually do. We had a wonderful time. I appreciate you setting this up for us. Jubel did a fantastic job.

- Norm Veit

While at first a gamble, there was nothing more thrilling than traveling to the unexpected. I was able to visit Mexico and really get to experience it like a local. My trip with Jubel not only satisfied my adventurous appetite, it left me wanting more!


- Maria Luisa Lam


I wasn’t sure what to expect. I loved the concept, but really couldn’t imagine how it would be executed. Our trip was phenomenal. Not knowing where we were going to end up made us feel more excited about each transition, like children on x-mas day. I never realized how mentally taxing doing all those travel details were until I was completely freed of them. Jubel was also super responsive so we felt they would help in case we needed help. All in all a great week, and we’ll definitely be booking another trip!

- Filip Victor