Exploring Mysterious Japan

Japan is a unique culture that flourished isolated from the outside world for hundreds of years, the product is a country which summons the very core of Eastern mysticism with traditions as old as time. The spectrum of world-class experiences in Japan is diverse, ranging from its renown cuisine which will redefine your perspective of culinary detail, to incredible outdoor excursions in beautiful sceneries at every turn. Picturesque hikes, reef exploration, soaking in natural hot springs, and the best skiing powder are some of the basic staples of a Japanese experience.

With all its accessible exoticism Japan will make you will feel completely out of place but in the best of ways, from staying in a traditional inn, to dining on a tatami (woven floor matting),  witnessing the splendour of a Kyoto geisha dance, to walking through perfect Zen rock gardens, Japan will enthral you. To complement ancient traditions witness one of the most contrasting old-meets-new cultures through Japan's lively cities, with contemporary art galleries, buzzing nightlife, and cosmopolitan scenes. Are you ready?

Minimum Days: 7

Minimum Cost (pp): 1,500 USD

Offered Yearound