Indian Ocean Island Hopping

The Indian Ocean is known as an exclusive honeymoon destination and rightly so, its an absolute paradise, but there is much more than meets the eye. Apart from the high end resorts offering extreme luxury where requesting private butlers, in-room massages, and pillow menus are standard procedure, there are other options available for lower budgets. In Seychelles, Mauritius, and Réunion there are small, family-run hotels that offer cheaper options with the added bonus of being more in touch with the local culture.

Cultural gems might not be the first thing that pops into your head when thinking of the Indian Ocean getaways, but don’t be mistaken. Mauritius sports a rich colonial heritage that is visible in its mansions and museums, as well as festivals, ceremonies, and picturesque villages. 

The beaches, especially the ones in Seychelles, are absolutely flawless. It´s mind boggling to think that every beach here can be so consistently perfect. Experiencing this coast will set a new bar on what a beach should feel like, so sit back, relax, and enjoy it while it lasts. 

For people that want more action than relaxing by the beach, Réunion offers an adventurer´s paradise with a myriad of hiking paths across the islands, diving sites, kiteboarding, horseback riding, and helicopter tours. 

Ready to leave earthly worries and enter paradise? We thought so too.

Minimum Days: 7

Minimum Cost (pp): 1,000 USD

Offered Yearound

Isolated Madagascar

Wild and untamed, Madagascar is truly one of the last untouched paradises of the world, and thanks to its enormous size this island packs a hefty punch. Madagascar is endowed with 5% of all known animal and plant species of the world, and they can only be found here, nowhere else. From the charismatic lemurs, to colourful chameleons, cat-like fossas, and insects of all shapes and sizes. The unique fauna and flora here is only rivalled by epic scenery of astounding diversity, from desert to jungle and everything in between, and only with a couple hours driving. With over 5,000km of coastline Madagascar is a beach-bums paradise with remote gems able to satisfy anyone’s desires.

Travelling here may sometimes present a challenge with big distances and a poor road system. However, for anyone craving a true adventure, taming this wild land will prove priceless: the off-road driving is world class, pristine natural parks, and accommodations in almost impossibly remote locations.

Madagascar is an adventure of a lifetime, will you make it yours?

Minimum Days: 7

Minimum Cost (pp): 2,000 USD

Offered Yearound