Iceland's Ice and Fire

Iceland, fiery as it is enchanting, safeguards some of the world's most intensely contrasting natural spectacles. The magic in this island is palpable, so much so that seems as though it could only be set in your wildest dreams. From gushing geysers, boiling mudpots, active volcanoes, sliding glaciers, and the awe-inspiring northern lights. Being surrounded by these cinematic landscapes will surely sway you into your very own surreal movie.  If this wasn't enough though, the rich Icelandic culture and their welcoming warmth will certainly disarm you. Moved by its unique setting, Iceland has inspired poets, artists, musicians, and authors all of which make a journey here worthwhile in itself. This nordic capital has live music everywhere, as well as urban art, sustainable cuisine, green spaces, and a tasteful stylish design. Are you ready?

Minimum Days: 7

Minimum Cost (pp): 1,500 USD

Offered Yearound