Croatia and the Balkans Coastal Journey

Croatia and the Balkans, dangerously poised between Central Europe and Asia, has been conquered many times between fighting kingdoms, empires, and republics for over a thousand years. This rich history has left behind interesting and diverse cultural vestiges. Architectural remnants of the Roman Empire, Napoleonic conquests, the Habsburg Monarchy, the Republic of Venice, and the Ottoman Empire are all palpable and can leave even the most seasoned historian speechless. All of these treasures reflect some of the most important stages of Europe’s conflicted history.

Turn your head away from the quaint towns and you will find pristine natural surroundings. From towering mountains, caves, rivers, picturesque lakes, and thundering waterfalls all of which can be explored through numerous hiking and bike trails. 

Croatia’s coastline is world famous for the islands that speckle its shores. Azure waters, secluded coves, and anything from a relaxed backpackers atmosphere to the glitz and glamour of Hvar, these shores will surely manage to strike anyones fancy. To complement this beach bum’s paradise enjoy it with the local’s warm hospitality and pair it with the region’s amazing seafood and wine. Are you ready?

Minimum Days: 7

Minimum Cost (pp): 1,000 USD

Offered May through October

Mediterranean Odyssey

Discover the jewels of the Mediterranean on this spectacular odyssey. Famous for its sophisticated and idyllic ocean side towns, fall in love with its sun-kissed beaches.  Indulge in the world renown Mediterranean cuisine and share the region's passion for the finer things in life. Experience the unparalleled cultural legacy shaped by the cradle of western civilisation, learn the history, art, and music that still defines and shapes our world. 

Spanning from Portugal's sporty beaches, romantic Sardinian hideaways, Ibiza's party central, Croatia's beautifully rugged coast, and picturesque Greek islands, we will surely find the perfect places to suit your style.  Are you ready?

Minimum Days: 7

Minimum Cost (pp): 1,500 USD

Offered April through October