Caribbean Island Hopping

More than 7,000 islands (less than 10% of which are inhabited) are waiting to be discovered. All so close yet all so different, the Caribbean islands only share one thing in common: a paradise setting, yet each culture could not be more different from one another. A trip to the Caribbean is as much for experiencing the varied cultures, as it is to relax on snow-white sand and azure waters. From Jamaican music, to Cuban dancing, and vodou-loving Haiti, the cultural encounters here are many to be had.

Jump into a life of technicolor full of beautiful beaches, water sports, and inland adventures to experience your perfect Caribbean journey. 

Minimum Days: 7

Minimum Cost (pp): 1,500 USD

Offered Yearound

Cuba - An Island Discovery

Cuba is a land that will mesmerize with its seemingly impossible contrasts. Being there feels like a dystopian dream of crumbling beauty, just look under its time-worn facade and you will discover a unique cultural blend of Latin and Caribbean influences that bloom through world-class music, dance, art, colonial architecture, and the warmest hospitality.

Beyond the well trodden Havana and northern beaches you will encounter beautiful colonial towns, unique gastronomy, thick forests, and an untouched countryside life. This is the real Cuba, go discover it!

Minimum Days: 5 

Minimum Cost (pp): 750 USD

Offered Yearound